Student Academic Data

The Student Academic Data Management office serves as data stewards for the University of Washington’s primary student data management system (SDB) as well as the subsidiary system UWSDBDatastore.

We provide information services and technology expertise that enable the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Admissions to innovatively serve the people and offices of the University, the state, and the higher education community as each seeks to understand and advance academic endeavor at the University of Washington.


Quick Stats of Student Enrollment

Quick Stats offer a snapshot view of student enrollment at each campus of the University of Washington as of Census Day (2nd Friday of each quarter). They provide a demographic profile of the student body including percentage breakdowns by sex, ethnicity, residency and class standing, average age data and most popular majors.  For more reporting please visit our page on Academic Reports.

UW Seattle

UW Tacoma

UW Bothell


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