SDB Documentation

The Student Academic Data Management office provides oversight for changes to Student Database (SDB) codes as well as maintain the SDB Code Manual found on the following pages.

Additional information regarding SDB data, including table and field definitions, can be found in the UWSDB Warehouse as well the SDB Glossary List which isĀ  maintained by a consortium of University partners.

If you are looking for information on how to use the SDB system, please refer to the Registrar’s Data Services SDB Screen Manual or the resources available at the Registrar’s Help Center for Student Database Training.

SDB Code Manual

Code ListCode Category
Application Fee CodesAdmissions
Application Status CodesAdmissions
Application Type CodesAdmissions
Athlete CodesAdmissions
Building CodesRegistration
CEEB CodesPlease see the College Board
Child of Alumni CodesAdmissions
Class CodesStudent Codes
College CodesMiscellaneous
Credit Control CodesRegistration
Curricula - Current ValidReport exists as Academic Report in EDW
Degrees - Current ValidReport exists as Academic Report in EDW
Degree Honor CodesDegree Codes
Degree Level Type CodesDegree Codes
Degree Status CodesDegree Codes
Disability CodesStudent Codes
Disability Status CodesStudent Codes
Domestic High School CEEB CodesPlease see the College Board
Education Level CodesAdmissions
Enrollment Status CodesRegistration
EOP CodesAdmissions
Ethnicity CodesAdmissions
Ethnic Group CodesAdmissions
Exemption CodesStudent Codes
Faculty Staff CodesStudent Codes
Foreign Language CodesAdmissions
Foreign Type CodesMiscellaneous
Gender CodesStudent Codes
Grading System CodesRegistration
Graduate Status CodesStudent Codes
Hold CodesMiscellaneous
Home Address CodesAdmissions
Hyphenated Course CodesRegistration
Institution CEEB CodesPlease see the College Board
Last School Type CodesAdmissions
LE Indicator CodesRegistration
Mailing CodesMiscellaneous
Major Codes - Current ValidReport exists as Academic Report in EDW
Minor Codes - Current ValidReport exists as Academic Report in EDW
NCR CodesStudent Codes
Provisional CodesAdmissions
Quarter CodesMiscellaneous
Record Status CodesRegistration
Registration Status CodesRegistration
Resident CodesStudent Codes
Scholarship CodesStudent Codes
Section Type CodesRegistration
Special Program CodesStudent Codes
Sport CodesStudent Codes
SRF 500 CodesAdmissions
Test Range CodesAdmissions
Two Letter State Abbreviation CodesMiscellaneous
Veteran CodesStudent Codes
Yearly Honor Type CodesStudent Codes




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