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Software Updates: SAGE

You can now utilize SAGE with new enhancements and features.

  • Adding Time of Day & Time Zone to eGC1 Sponsor Due Date: In order to better monitor and meet proposal submission deadlines, eGC1 preparers will now be asked to provide the specific time of day and time zone for which the applications are due. These fields will display alongside the existing sponsor due date field, and will be required entry.

  • Grant Runner Now Accepts Special Characters: The February release included an update to allow certain special characters to be accepted. SAGE has been updated to accept these same characters which will result in fewer submission errors and a more accurate read of the intended content you provide.The types of special characters you can now include in Grant Runner applications include things like tildes, curly quotes (pasted from MS Word), umlauts, and other accent marks.

    Sampling of symbols now accepted:<br />¡,¢,£,¨,©,ª,«,¬,®,¯,°,±,²,´,¼,¿,À,,Æ,Ç,È,Ì,Ð,Ñ,Ò,×,Ø,Ù,Ý,Þ,ß,à,æ,ç,è,ï,ð,ñ,ò,÷,ø,ù,ý,þ

  • eGC1 Report Cosmetic Enhancements for Clarity: Within the Grant Runner SF424 and Key Persons Expanded forms a space has been added between the box and number in PI addresses to better present the address in the appropriate format. Also, lines around tables of information in the eGC1 report have been removed to provide a more clear PDF report.