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When you need to find eldercare support for a loved one, it can be hard to know where to begin.

  • What is needed?
  • What services are available?
  • How do you evaluate services?

The following forms are provided to give you starting points to organize your thoughts and questions. Use them to pull together the initial information you already have, and find out what additional information you may need.

On-line forms:

Basic Older Adult Needs Assessment:
Begins the evaluation process to determine needs.

Checklist for Home Care Services:
How to go about hiring in-home care for an elder.

Checklist for Residential Care
Assessing services and quality of care facilities.

Where to learn more about older adult services in the US:
A listing of organizations offering basic eldercare information for King County and beyond.

With this information in hand, contact the Retirement Center or Benefits & Work/Life staff who can help guide you toward next steps.

If you have questions, please email or call the Retirement Center or Benefits & Work/Life.

Retirement Center
76 Gerberding Hall

Benefits & Work/Life Office
4045 Brooklyn Ave NE
Room 132