UW Learning Opportunities for Retirees

The following learning opportunities are sponsored through the University of Washington by various programs, schools or departments. All are open to the public. Some are limited to older adults while others are open to all ages.

Access Program

By state law the University of Washington allows state residents 60 years of age and older to audit some regular UW courses for minimal fees. Limitations and restrictions apply. For details and downloadable brochure click on the paragraph title, above.

ASUW Experimental College

The Experimental College in association with the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is the largest nonprofit student-run program of its kind, offering non-credit classes in over twenty different categories to expand your interests and knowledge.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI offer short courses and learning events for adults 50 and over. These are led by current and retired UW faculty and community experts. Institute has annual membership dues and nominal course fee charges.

UW Women’s Center

The Women’s Center’s Lifelong Learning Program aims to help campus and community members enrich their lives through continuing education courses which provide a space for exploration and learning. Through this program, we offer classes in a variety of areas to support learning and growth in different aspects of life.

UW Community Lecture Programs (free)

Mini Medical School Series of weekly evening lectures on current medical science, research and patient care during February and March each year. On-line registration required. Registration begins in January.

UW Alumni Association Endless Campus and UWAA Lectures offer opportunities to hear lectures by renowned experts. Contact UWAA for details about attendance restrictions.

UW Community Lecture Programs and Courses (cost)

Wednesday University Quarterly lecture series by a single UW faculty member. Each series focus on a timely topic, with a wide variety of topics from one quarter to the next. Held in Henry Art Gallery auditorium, Wednesday evenings.

UW Educational Outreach The continuing education branch of the UW, offers academic, professional and personal growth opportunities through certificate programs, courses and courses combined with travel.