Immunology Series 2016-2017

2016-2017 Bruce Gilliland Immunology Lecture Series

The basics to understand patients’ diseases and treatment.


Tuesdays or Fridays, 9-10 am in HSB RR110 (unless noted otherwise)


Lecture Date Speaker Lecture Topic/Note
September 2nd, 2016 Dr. Grant Hughes Overview of Applied Immunology in Rheumatic Diseases
September 6th, 2016 Dr. Grant Hughes

Adaptive Immunity

September 13th, 2016 Dr. Grant Hughes Innate Immunity
September 27th, 2016 TBA

Autoimmunity for the Rheumatologist

October 11th, 2016 TBA mmunomodulators & Immunosuppresants
December 13th, 2016 TBA

Genetic Basis of Autoimmunity

January 24th, 2017 TBA Vaccines in the Immunocompromised Host
March 28th, 2017 TBA

B Cells & Autoantibodies

May 16th, 2017 TBA

T Cells and Immunologic Tolerance


*If there is a link on the topic, click to view recorded presentation on Screencast.


Please note that not all Immunology lectures will be available to the public based on speaker's request.


These video presentations are for education purposes only. To request permission to
use/distribute presentation material, you will need to contact the speaker directly.



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