UW Medicine Division of Rheumatology

Grand Rounds 2014-2015

Grand Rounds

9-10 am Tuesdays in  RR110 (unless otherwise noted)


Lecture Date Lecture Type Speaker Lecture Topic/Note
Sept 30, 2014 Grand Rounds Dr. Timothy Behrens Personalizing Medicine for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases
Visiting Speaker
Oct 7, 2014 Case Presentations Drs. Meghan Greenfield & Uche Obih  
Oct 14, 2014 Division Meeting   Rheum Faculty / Fellows Only
Oct 21, 2014 Grand Rounds Dr. Jane Buckner TBD
Oct 28, 2014 Grand Rounds Drs. Roberto Carricchio & Stefania Gallucci TBD
Visiting Speaker
Nov 4, 2014 Case Presentations Drs. Saima Kamran & Sriharsha Grevich  
Nov 11, 2014     Cancelled - Holiday
Nov 18, 2014     Cancelled - ACR
Nov 25, 2014 Research in Progress Drs. Myriam Guevara & Tal Gazitt  
Dec 2, 2014 Division Meeting   Rheum Faculty / Fellows Only
Dec 9, 2014 Grand Rounds Dr. Jasvinder Singh TBD
Visiting Speaker
Dec 16, 2014 Fellow Evals  

Faculty: Meet in BB561 at 8:30 am
Rheum Faculty / Fellows Only

Dec 23, 2014     Cancelled - Holiday
Dec 30,,2014     Cancelled - Holiday


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*If there is a link on the topic, click to view recorded presentation on Screencast.
**Click to view the PowerPoint slides of the lecture. No video recording available.


Please note that not all Grand Rounds will be available to the public based on speaker's request.


These video presentations are for education purposes only. To request permission to
use/distribute presentation material, you will need to contact the speaker directly.



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