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Division of Rheumatology
1959 NE Pacific St
Health Science Bldg BB561
Campus Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195

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Phone: 206-543-3414

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Supporting the Division of Rheumatology


The UW Division of Rheumatology is a committed to helping people with rheumatic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus by providing direct care to patients; by conducting research to better understand the reasons for these diseases and to find new, better treatments; and by training new rheumatologists and scientists to be leaders in their field.

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If you would like to learn more research, patient care, and training in the division and role that philanthropy plays helping make these programs strong, please contact Assistant Director of Philanthropy Stephanie Pietromonaco at 206-616-1252 or spietro@uw.edu. If you are interested in making a gift today to support any of these programs, please click here.


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