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Division of Rheumatology
1959 NE Pacific St
Health Science Bldg BB561
Campus Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195

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Phone: 206-543-3414

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Supporting the Division of Rheumatology

PlasmaLab International is dedicated to improving diagnostic medicine and research through the generous plasma donations of individuals with allergies and a variety of autoimmune medical conditions. Since 1985, PlasmaLab has been collecting plasma from donors at their state-of-the-art facility located in Everett, WA.

Plasma donations are an integral part of helping to solve the complex puzzle of many diseases affecting humanity. The plasma collected at PlasmaLab contains special antibodies, which is be used by diagnostic and research facilities to ultimately help others live healthier lives. PlasmaLab International follows strict FDA guidelines and each donor must meet certain requirements in order to donate.

With every plasma donation that is made, PlasmaLab International makes its own $10 donation to UW Medicine's Division of Rheumatology and Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

To learn more about PlasmaLab, please visit: http://www.plasmalab.com/.



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