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Fellowship Training Program & Pathways

Fellowship Training Timeline


  YEAR 1

Intensive inpatient and outpatient  training; research study planning

Research, teaching, presentations, publications, grant proposal,
clinical continuity

Research, teaching, presentations, publications, grant proposal,
clinical continuity


First Year

The first year is an intensive clinical year with 6 months spent at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) and 6 months at the Seattle Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System Medical Center (VA). At the UW, fellows will cover the in-patient consult service and attend two half-day clinics at the UWMC (Tuesday and Friday PM), and the Bone and Joint Center Inflammatory Arthritis Clinic (Thursday PM).  At the VA, the fellow covers in-patient consults and attends the VA Arthritis Clinic (Wednesday), a clinic at Harborview Medical Center (Thursday PM), as well as the UWMC clinic (Tuesday PM).

Although the first year is focused on clinical education, fellows should prepare for research in the 2nd year as follows:

  • July - December: Focus on clinical activities, become familiar with clinical and basic research by attending conferences and seminars.
  • January - March: Interview with prospective mentors, attend lab meetings.
  • April - June: Write a research proposal (assisted by mentor).
  • July 1: Begin research project.

Second and Third Year

The second and potential third years are primarily devoted to research. However, fellows will maintain clinical continuity by attending at least one clinic (Tuesday clinic at UWMC) and by covering inpatient consultations for first year fellows on vacations and some weekends (schedule is prepared during the first week of July). In addition, during the second year, fellows will attend clinics in Pediatric Rheumatology, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation Medicine. Second and third year fellows also assist in teaching medical students and in the organization of weekly Division seminars.

Second and third year fellows will be expected to:
  • Present the results of their studies twice a year to the division;
  • Present findings at local and national meetings;
  • Write and publish manuscripts that describe the outcome of their research project(s);
  • Write grant proposals, in consultation with their mentor.


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