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Medical Student Research Training Program

The Medical Student Research Training Program provides a $3,000 stipend to support research done by a UWSOM student under the supervision of a School of Medicine faculty member. Research can be undertaken at the University of Washington or at one of the other WWAMI sites. The MSRTP projects must consist of twelve consecutive weeks (forty hours per week) of full-time effort on a defined research project. Students have the option of finding their own projects and faculty sponsors or contacting faculty who have provided specific project abstracts in response to our call for projects. Applications for MSRTP are due at the end of January for projects that will occur in the subsequent Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring Quarters. Each application is reviewed by two members of the MSRTP Evaluation Committee. Students and sponsors are notified of whether they have been selected for an MSRTP stipend early in March. The MSRTP paper may be used to satisfy the ISMS graduation requirement. This optional program is generally undertaken during the summer between the student's first and second year.  Please contact Keith B. Elkon, MD at elkon@u.washington.edu if you are interested in research training in the mechanisms associated with rheumatologic and immunologic disease or other rheumatology-based research activities. Research electives are also encouraged. To search the UW for participating faculty and/or a field of research interest please visit http://www.grad.washington.edu/gradfac/Default.asp.

The American College of Rheumatology strongly encourages participation of Medical Students in the study of rheumatic diseases and their mechanisms.  Stipends are available for students to attend the annual ACR meeting.  For further information on these programs, please visit their website at http://www.rheumatology.org/ref/index.asp#students has several research programs focusing on student scholarship in the study of rheumatic diseases and their mechanisms.

MEDECK 615P - Clinical Rheumatology

This elective provides third- or fourth-year students experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with rheumatic diseases. Students will attend outpatient clinics at the University of Washington Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center or VAMC and will participate in inpatient consultation.

In addition to patient contact, four or five preceptorial sessions are held each week. These seminars cover rheumatic diseases in depth. The topics include: Joint examination, laboratory tests in rheumatic diseases, examination of synovial fluid, radiology of rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperuricemia, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, degenerative joint disease, spondylitis, vasculitis, and polymyalgia rheumatica. These sessions emphasize disease mechanisms as well as diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. During the 4-week period, students have ample time for independent reading. Students work closely with faculty and staff of the Division of Rheumatology throughout the 4-week elective. Note: In cases where only 1 or 2 students are registered for this elective, the structure of the class will change. No lectures will be held specifically for the class although students must attend the fellows didactic lectures and the Tuesday and Friday Conferences

Prerequisite: Internal Medicine Clerkship; third- and fourth-year medical students.

The University of Washington School of Medicine has limited clinical elective opportunities available for students from other medical schools.

Visiting Student Elective Program - Students must meet all of our criteria in order to be eligible for consideration.  If you meet the criteria and wish to apply for a clinical elective at the University of Washington, please complete and return the application form with the required non-refundable application fee of $50 per requested clerkship.

It is expected that your clinical elective work at the University of Washington will be part of the academic requirements for graduation from your school. For this reason, it is essential that the authorization for taking a clinical elective at this institution be received from your Dean's Office. The application provides for this authorization, and for the required certifications of malpractice/liability insurance coverage, health insurance coverage, universal precautions training, and compliance with the University of Washington School of Medicine Immunization Policy.

Currently, students who are regularly enrolled in another medical school and paying tuition at that school are not charged tuition at the University of Washington for brief periods. There is always a possibility that this policy will change in the future, and the School reserves the right to charge tuition at any time. Please click here for more information.

Primary Care Musculoskeletal Medicine Rotation

The Primary Care Medicine Musculoskeletal Rotation is designed specifically for those planning a career in primary care and is open only to these residents and secondarily to other interested 2nd and 3rd year medicine residents. The rotation includes experience in inpatient and outpatient rheumatology care, sports medicine, metabolic bone diseases, podiatry, and radiology.


  1. Review and improve musculoskeletal history and exam skills and be able to sort out joint complaints as either articular, periarticular, or radiating pain
  2. Distinguish inflammatory from mechanical joint pain
  3. Pattern recognize common forms of arthritis
  4. Have a working knowledge of rheumatology laboratory tests
  5. Acquire an approach to the diagnosis and treatment of common rheumatologic conditions in particular regional conditions such as rotator cuff tendonitis, plantar faciitis etc.
  6. Recognize potential serious rheumatologic illness such as vasculitis or lupus
  7. Review and improve arthrocentesis and injection skills
For more information about this rotation, please contact Gregory Gardner, MD at rheumdoc@u.washington.edu.




The Division of Rheumatology welcomes inquiries from undergraduate students interested in research in autoimmunity and other factors associated with rheumatologic disease. Please contact Keith B. Elkon, MD at elkon@u.washington.edu if you are interested.



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