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Gregory C. Gardner, M.D., FACP


The Bruce C. Gilliland, M.D.-Lucile T. Henderson
     Endowed Professor in Rheumatology
Adjunct Professor of Orthopaedics and Sports
      Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine
Associate Fellowship Program Director
Division of Rheumatology

1959 NE Pacific St, Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-543-3414
Fax: 206-685-9397




  • M.D., Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, 1984
  • Internship in Internal Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 1984-85
  • Residency in Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 1985-87
  • Fellowship in Rheumatology, University of California, San Diego, CA, 1987-89
  • Teaching Scholar Fellowship, Department of Medical Education, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1996-97



  • Rheumatology fellowship program director
  • Director, musculoskeletal rotation for primary care bound internal medicine residents
  • Director of rheumatology week mini fellowship for rural WWAMI physicians
  • Member of the American College of Rheumatology REF Study Section
  • Member of the American College of Physicians MKSAP 17 Rheumatology Committee



  • Medical Education: Dr. Gardner is currently involved in education research focusing on training primary care resident to do musculoskeletal procedures. He has several recent publications including an editorial in the Journal of Rheumatology on this topic. He has been invited to speak at several national meeting on this subject of teaching arthrocentesis and injection techniques including the American College of Rheumatology 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 national meetings.
  • Outreach to the Neah Bay Makah Tribal Health Clinic.




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  • Kedar E, Gardner GC. Lipid-associated rheumatologic syndromes. Rheum Dis Clin North Am. 2013 May;39(2):481-93. doi: 10.1016/j.rdc.2013.02.014. Epub 2013 Mar PubMed PMID: 23597975.


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  • Gardner, GC: Treatment of inflammatory arthritis in the age of the biologics. Clinical Applied Immunology Reviews 2005; 5:19-44.



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