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Division of Rheumatology
1959 NE Pacific St
Health Science Bldg BB561
Campus Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195

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Phone: 206-543-3414

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P. Scott Pollock, M.D.


Clinical Professor
Division of Rheumatology

1959 NE Pacific Street
Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195-6428

Phone: 206-543-3414
Fax: 206-685-9397

Email: pspolloc@uw.edu




  • M.D., U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, CA, 1971
  • Residency of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1975-78
  • Fellowship in Rheumatology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1978-80



  • American College of Physicians / American Society of Internal Medicine
  • Washington State Medical Society
  • American College of Rheumatology
  • Northwest Rheumatism Association




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