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Division of Rheumatology
1959 NE Pacific St
Health Science Bldg BB561
Campus Box 356428
Seattle, WA 98195

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Phone: 206-543-3414

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Elkon Lab


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Agrawal, Nalini, PhD (Research Scientist) E511
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: nagrawal@uw.edu


An, Jie, PhD (Acting Instructor) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: jiean@uw.edu


Colonna, Lucrezia, PhD (Postdoc) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: lcolonna@uw.edu


Lood, Christian, PhD (Visiting Scientist) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: loodc@uw.edu


Nguyen, Yenly (Research Scientist Asst) E540
UW: 206-616-5804
Email: nguyenly@uw.edu


Peng, YuFeng, PhD (Acting Asst Professor) E540 
UW: 206-616-5804
Email: pengyf@uw.edu


Sun, Xizhang, PhD (Research Scientist) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email : sunx@uw.edu


Tanaka, Lena (Research Scientist) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: lenat2@uw.edu


Teal, Tom (Research Scientist) E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: tteal@uw.edu


Wiedeman, Alice (PhD Student)  E531
UW: 206-616-5636
Email: wiedea@uw.edu



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