"Studying in Rome has truly enriched my undergraduate experience, both academically and personally, and has opened up many exciting opportunities for my future."
The mission of the University of Washington Rome Center is to foster disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs that profit from the broadened perspectives afforded by its unique location. The Rome Center provides a unique scholarly work place in Rome's historic center, offering outstanding facilities for academic programs. The Rome Center has hosted or currently hosts undergraduate and graduate study abroad programs from the following UW departments: Applied Mathematics, Architecture, Art History, Astronomy, Bothell Visual Mathematics, Cinema Studies, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Classics, Communications, Comparative History of Ideas, Creative Writing, Culture and Politics of Food in Italy (Anthropology & Geography), Design, Education, English, European Studies, Geography, History, Honors Program, Industrial Design, Italian Studies, Landscape Studies, Law Societies & Justice, Minority Affairs, Scandinavian Studies, Studio Art, Tacoma Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, and Urban Design. The Rome Center also hosts a few programs from other U.S. academic institutions.

Enrollment for study in Rome is through the respective departments in Seattle, Washington only. No enrollment takes place at the Rome Center, programs are not open to the public, and no degrees or certificates are conferred.