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The Reproductive, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology (RPPE) training program at the University of Washington, School of Public Health (SPH) is a multidisciplinary research training program that provides training to pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training in multidisciplinary research training experience in reproductive, perinatal and pediatric epidemiology. The program is designed to increase the numbers of well-trained doctoral-level professionals (i.e., reproductive, perinatal and pediatric epidemiologists) with the knowledge and skills to develop, implement, evaluate, translate and disseminate research in the epidemiology and prevention of maternal, perinatal and childhood diseases. The core faculty members of the program are actively involved in reproductive, perinatal and/or pediatric research, and can provide a variety of opportunities for formal training and research experiences related to RPPE.


Michelle A. Williams,M.S., S.M., Sc.D.
Professor of Epidemiology,
Director, Multidisciplinary International Research Training (MIRT) Program,
Director, RPPE Program,
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Susan Astley, Ph.D.
Professor of Epidemiology,
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Colleen E. Huebner, Ph.D.,MPH
Associate Professor of Health Services,
Director, Maternal and Child Health Track,
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Victoria Holt, Ph.D., MPH,
Professor of Epidemiology,
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Beth Mueller, Ph.D., MPH
Professor of Epidemiology,
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Melissa Schiff, MD, MPH
Professor of Epidemiology,
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David Yanez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biostatistics,
Director,Graduate Program, Biostatistics,
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For further information on application procedures and eligibility requirements, please contact:

Dr. Swee May Cripe
Room F-161C, Health Sciences Building
University of Washington
Box 357236, Seattle, WA 98195-7236
Phone: (206)221-3953
Fax: (206)543-8525
email: rppe@u.washington.edu

Last modified: January 11, 2010