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Understanding high spatiotemporal resolution multidimensional ecosystem process, function, monitoring and applications through geospatial techniques



RSGAL seeks self-motivated, independent, productive students that are wholeheartedly committed to their graduate work. RSGAL provides the maximum freedom to develop your own research related to RSGAL mission goal. If you would like to join our team, learn more here.

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Dr.Moskal - Executive Director of RSGAL

Dr. L. Monika Moskal |website| is an Associate Professor of Remote Sensing at the University of Washington (UW), College of the Environment, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, where she directs the Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory(RSGAL) founded by her in 2003. She is one of the core faculty in the UW Precision Forestry Cooperative and is affiliated with the UW BioEnergy IGERT  and theUW Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Urban Design and Planning. She is also the Faculty Advisor for the UW-Geospatial Club and a board member and past President of the Puget Sound American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - ASPRS.

Other Collaborators

Dr. Soo-Hyung Kim (UW), Dr. Dylan Fischer (Evergreen State), Dr. Matthew Dunbar (UW-CSDE), Dr. Carri LeRoy (Evergreen State), Dr. Akira Kato (Chiba University), Dr. Kathy Wolf (UW/USFS) and Dr. Dale Blahna (USFS), Dr. Sonia Hall (TNC), Dr. David Briggs (UW/PFC/SMC), Sergey Robotyagov (UW), Dr. Guang Zheng (Nanjing University), Dr. Luis Angel Ruiz Fernandez (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and others.

Past Post-doctoral Research Associate Faculty & Visiting/Affiliate Faculty
Current Faculty\Postdocs
Aaron Dr. Aaron Johnston is a 2013 PhD graduate from the UW-SEFS Wildlife Ecology program, he is working with RSGAL on developing lidar based habitat models.
Jeff Dr. Jeffery Richardson |website| began his Post-doctoral appointment on Nov. 1, 2011, however, he was a PhD Student with Dr. Moskal from 2008 and defended his PhD in June 2011. He works on Dr. Moskal's two external funded projects: Collaborative Research: Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia and Land Use in the Watershed: Feedback and Scale Interactions, funded through NSF; a collaboration with Dr. Sergey Robotyagov; and, Forest Health and Green Jobs: Natural Resources and Social Data, funded through the USDA Forest Service PNW Research Station, a collaboration with Dr. Kathleen Wolf and Dr. Dale Blahna.
Current Students
Jonnie Jonnie Dunne |website| MS student and a SEFS Fellowship recipient he will work on LiDAR/hyperspectral based ecological assessments
MEghan Meghan Halabisky |website| PhD student, working on Dr. Moskal's grants related to spatiotemporal wetland assessments as well as a wetland project collaborations between RSGAL and the UW Climate Impacts Group.
CV Chris Vondrasek a RSGAL undergraduate research assistant, returns to RSGAL for an MS in remote sensing of wetlands.
no photo Riley Milinovich is working with Dr. Moskal terrestrial LiDAR and ground radar data in WA and OR.
Max Max Sugarman is working on his capstone project with RSGAL.
Past Faculty\Postdocs
no photo Dr. Luis Angel Ruiz Fernandez is wisiting the RSGAL lab from June to Sept. 2012 from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.
DS Dr. Diane Styers (Postdoc 2010-2011) is an Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources at Western Carolina University, located in Cullowhee, NC.
Joowon Dr. Nick Vaugn (Post-Doctoral Fellow 2012, PhD 2011) is a Smithsonian Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Forest Service at University of Hawaii at Hilo.
no photo Dr. Sooyoung Kim was a Post-doctoral Research Associate(s) with Dr. Moskal during the spring of 2009, she completed her appointment with the UW in June 2009.
RSGAL Student Alumni

Zhongya Zhang |website| was a PhD student from School of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences, Beijing. She is working with Dr. Moskal on hyperspectral and LiDAR data fusion for forest health assessment; till summer 2013.

Mike Michael Hannam  was PhD Student with Dr. S. Wyllie-Echeverria, he worked with Dr. Moskal on the application of terrestrial LiDAR to invasive species mapping. He is currently a postdoc for NOAA and UW.
Alex Alexandra Kazakova|website|MS Student, worked on Dr. Moskal's funded project: Forest Health Rx: Geospatial Rapid Forest Health Assessment in Heterogeneous Forests, and extraction of forest parameters from aerial hyperspectral imagery, and aerial and terrestrial LiDAR. She currently works for Weyerhouser.
Justin Justin Kirsch|website|MS student, Dr. Moskal's projects worked oninclude Tacoma canopy mapping and TLS collection in Panther Creek, OR and examining urban forest conditions, stewardship and environmental equity. He is currently involved on work exploring relationships between terrestrial LiDAR and ground penetrating radar.

David Stephens joined RSGAL in the fall of 2009 to undertake a MS degree under Dr. Moskal's supervision, he successfully completed his MS in June 2011. He worked on Dr. Moskal's funded project to develop LiDAR driven forest inventory protocols. David worked closely with Steve Reutebuch and Bob McGaughey from the USDA Forest Service.

Joowon Dr. Nick Vaughn was a postdoc in RSGAL, he worked with Dr. Turnbloom and Dr. Moskal, he assessed the feasibility of applying full-waveform LiDAR for tree species identification. He also worked for Dr. Moskal as a Post-Doctoral fellow in 2012 looking at segmentation techniques of full waveform LiDAR, he is currentely a Smithsonian Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Forest Service at University of Hawaii at Hilo.
Guang Dr. Guang Zheng |website| successfully completed his PhD in June 2011, he joined RSGAL in 2007 from Nanjing University in China, he was advised by Dr. Moskal. Guang's research, focused on deriving LAI from terrestrial LiDAR, was funded through Dr. Moskal's CAFS NSF grant and the Corkery Family Chair Scholarship provided through the Precision Forestry Cooperative. Guang was the President of the UW Geospatial Club and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Puget Sound Student Chapter. He was also the Teaching Assistant for Dr. Moskal's ESRM 430 course in hyperspatial remote sensing. Dr. Zheng has returned to Nanjing University in China to work as a remote sensing Assistant Research Professor in the International Institute for Earth System Science.
Todd Todd Erdody (MS 2007-2009) was an EPA STARS Fellow advised by Dr. Moskal. His first year of graduate work was funded through a CFR fellowship. Todd worked on "Fusion of LiDAR and Imagery for Estimating Canopy Fuel Metrics in Eastern Washington Forests". In 2008 Todd received a travel award from the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. News worthy: A story on Todd Erdody's research on the EPA Greenvantions Blog. His MS thesis: Erdody, T., 2009, Fusion of LiDAR and Imagery for Estimating Forest Canopy Fuels in Eastern Washington. MS Thesis, University of Washington. Currently, Todd is a Lead Fire Effects Monitor for the National Park Service Southern Cascade Network in Oregon.

Dr. Akira Kato (PhD 2006-2008) was a PhD student co-advised by Dr. Moskal and Dr. Schiess, his research focused on capturing tree crown characteristics through surface reconstruction from LiDAR. His work has been funded by the Precision Forestry Cooperative, he has also TA'ed the ESRM250 GIS course. Akira was the founding president of the UW Geospatial Club and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Puget Sound Student Chapter, he has received numerous awards from ASPRS. His PhD: Kato, A., 2008, Capturing tree crown attributes from high resolution remotely sensed data PhD Dissertation, University of Washington. Currently Dr. Kato is a Professor at Chiba University, Japan.


Alicia Sullivan (MS 2006-2008) worked with Dr. Schiess to develop a repeatable method for forest stand delineation with LiDAR. Alicia, completed her undergraduate work in the College of Forest Resources at the University of Washington, she has been involved in forest inventory GIS mapping  from aerial imagery. Alicia was also an active member of multiple student organizations, including The UW Geospatial Club and SAF. Her MS thesis work: Sullivan, A., 2008, LiDAR Based Stand Delineation in Natural Forests MS Thesis, University of Washington. Currently, she is the Senior IT specialist (GIS and Remote Sensing) at Weyerhaeuser.

Alicia Eva Bednarczyk (MS 2008) Visiting student from Jagiellonian University, Poland where she earned her MS in 2009. Eva worked with Dr. Moskal and RSGAL on remote sensing and dendrochronological techniques comparison in simulation of fire behavior in Teanaway river drainage in eastern Cascade Mountains of Washington, USA.

Teri Hunsinger

Teri (Hunsinger) Nelson (MS 2003-2006) was a graduate student of Dr. Moskal and the Graduate Teaching Assistant for Dr. Moskal's Aerial Photography Interpretation) course. Teri successfully defended her thesis on April 21st, 2006. Teri worked as a Graduate Assistant on the Remote Sensing Database for Earth Science Education at SMSU. Her MS thesis: Hunsinger, T. (MS 2006). Spatiotemporal patterns of transitional landscapes in the Southwest Ozarks. MS Thesis, Missouri State University. Currently, she is GIS Coordinator for the City of. Republic, Missouri.

Nathan Huggins

Nathan Huggins (MS 2003-2006) was advised by Dr. Moskal as a graduate student in the Geospatial Sciences Program. Nathan successfully defended his thesis on April 21st, 2006. Nathan has worked as a Graduate Assistant on the Forest Change Project for the James River Basin Partnership, and the 'Visualizing the forest change in the James River Basin'. His MS thesis: Huggins, N. (MS 2006). Remote Sensing Classification Methods for Monitoring Eastern Red Cedar. MS Thesis, Missouri State University. He works for the City of Springfield as a GIS Specialist.

Jen Haack

Jennifer Haack (MS 2003-2006) was advised by Dr. Moskal, she has successfully defended her thesis on April 21st, she has worked on the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield - historical trees mapping project, her thesis work is closely tied to the Geostatistical analysis of bird & vegetation community data project in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Her MS thesis: Haack, J. (MS 2006). Geostatistical analysis of plant communities at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, KS. MS Thesis, Missouri State University. Currently, Jennifer is the GIS Specialist at the Prairie Cluster and Heartland Network.

Jon Woosley

Jon Woosley (MS 2004-2006) was a Graduate Student in the accelerated Masters program, advised by Dr. Moskal. He is also the Graduate Assistant for GRY360 and GRY 551. Jon has worked on the Geostatistical analysis of bird & vegetation community data project in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Presently Jon is studying the impact of Urban Growth in the Brush Creek Watershed on community conservation costs. His MS thesis: Woosley, R. J. (MS 2006) - Classification and prediction of impervious surfaces in the Brush Creek watershed, MO. MS Thesis, Missouri State University. Currently he runs his own surveying consulting company.

Chris Wood (MS 2005-2006) was an International Graduate Student from Australia, and studies in the Computer Science Department at Missouri State University. Chris was involved in the CNAS Centennial Project and worked as a Graduate Assistant for the James River Basin Partnership. His thesis co-advised by Dr. Moskal involved neural network classification algorithm development using IDL. Currently, Chris has returned to his native Australia where he works for an international accounting firm.
DJ Wurglitsh (MS 2005) worked on the MoAIMS - Missouri Atlas of Impact and Meteorite Sites Project. DJ's thesis work involved environmental assessment of Jordan Creek using a combination GIS, remote sensing, fluvial geomorphology, geochemistry, and stream ecology methods/techniques. DJ was also a teaching assistant at Missouri State University. He is currently working as a Geographic Analyst at Navtech in St. Louis.
John Carey (MS 2004-2006) John was an investigator on the iCAVE - Ozarks Cave Geovisualization Pilot Project. The project aimed at using geovisualization methods, stereo imaging and feature extraction techniques to map various structures of Ozarks caves.
Russ Russ Riss (MS 2006) helped to integrate the Geology Tour into the CNAS Centennial Project database and developed the 3D virtual reality models of the Missouri State University campus based on the 2004-05 aerial photos data set.
RSGAL Undergraduate Alumni
no photo Akira Nemoto is a visiting MS student form Chiba University, he is learning about the use of terrestrial laser scanning and plans to expend the application of this system to the field of restoration ecology.
no photo Marci Luibil is a visiting Undergraduate student studying Environmental Earth & Ocean Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, enrolled in the ESRM program at UW. Currently being trained in GIS, Marci is assisting Dr. Moskal's research team studying VGI and Crowd Sourcing. With a special interest in social eco-interest, she has volunteered in Massachusetts local watersheds working with the Nashua River, studies environmental sustainability in small businesses, and is researching soil sciences graduate programs across the country.

no photo

Megan Davis was an undergraduate student (wildlife ecology major) working on the analysis of georeferencing terrestrial LiDAR data funded through Dr. Moskal's NSF grant.
Guang Chris Vondrasek (2009) was an undergraduate intern with RSGAL working on a decatal arid wetland change mapping project through the use of historical aerial photographs.
LJ Laurel James completed her undergraduate degree under Dr. Moskal in the Spring of 2008 working on a project that combined remotely sensed hypertemporal vegetation index data and mountain goat movements traced through GPS. Currently, she is a MS student advised by Dr. Ernesto Alvarado, she is funded UW BioEnergy IGERT graduate degree to work on biomass estimation. Laurel holds numerous undergraduate scholarship and awards.

no photo

Brendan Boyer was an undergraduate field assistant during the summer of 2009 for Jeff Richardson (RSGAL PhD Student) helping with collection of terrestrial LiDAR Starkey Experimental Forest in Union County, Oregon.
no photo Ryan Leon was a visiting undergraduate in the summer of 2009 funded through the Morehouse College Fellowship in Engineering, he worked on biofuels feedstock and biomass estimation with terrestrial LiDAR.
no photo A.J. Frye was an undergraduate student in the Department of Geography and an intern with RSGAL (2006-2008). He served as the Vice President of the UW Geospatial Club and the the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Puget Sound Student Chapter. AJ has gone through the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency internship program and works for TerraMetric.
no photo Philip Johnsey was an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Science & Resource Management (ESRM) and minoring in Applied Mathematics.  He worked with Dr. Moskal on terrestrial LiDAR and estimation of urban forest aboveground biomass (2008).
Tadd Wheeler (2008) worked on an internship with Dr. Moskal to developed rapid invasive species field mapping techniques. He is currently a graduate student at University of Idaho.
Stacey Stacey Armstrong (2004-2006) worked for RSGAL and assisted in the development of the CNAS Centennial Project and worked on the MoAIMS - Missouri Atlas of Impact and Meteorite Sites Project. She currently works for the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute at the University of Missouri.
Brandi Parsley (2004-2006) was a student in the Department of Biology at Missouri State University. Brandi worked with RSGAL to identify and collect geographic positions for all trees surveyed and worked on developing the virtual arboretum pages for the CNAS Centennial Project.
Shannon Lear (2003-2005) managed the MSU RSGAL Satellite data server for Earth's systems science education & research. Shannon has completed a GeoDesign graduate degree at University of Redlands and is working for the National Inelegance Geospatial Agency.
no photo Jim Guy (2006) worked for RSGAL on geovisualization of the Springfield Conservation Nature Center.
no photo Bobby Touzinsky (2003 - 2004) worked for RSGAL on the CNAS Centennial Project, graduated in 2004 and is currently working as an Associate Geospatial Analyst for ORBIMAGE in St. Louis.
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