Call for Proposals

We are very pleased to announce the sixth ***CALL FOR PROPOSALS*** for the Sackler Scholars in Biophysics postdoctoral fellowship. Review of applications for this round will begin on October 3, 2014. We strongly recommend that any pending proposals are submitted on or before that date. Proposals received after October 3 will be evaluated on a rolling basis, while positions remain open.

The awards provide $45,000 to cover salary and benefits for one year, plus $1,000 for discretionary use. A second year of funding may be provided pending sufficient progress, participation in program activities, and approval of the faculty advisors.

Sackler Scholars are expected to conduct biophysics research that represents a collaboration between two UW-affiliated labs working in different fields. At least one of the two lab heads must be a participating faculty member. Please note that an important goal of the Program is to bring talented investigators to the University of Washington. Applicants must not already hold a postdoctoral/senior fellow position at UW at the time of submission. Note also that the selection process is highly competitive.

Summary of application requirements:

  1. Two brief letters of nomination, one from each faculty mentor, describing the plans for collaboration, for dual mentorship, and for continuation of funding (including application for other postdoctoral fellowships).
  2. The applicant’s curriculum vitae and statement of research interests.
  3. A two-page description of the collaborative project, including aims, rationale, and summary of experimental approach, written by the postdoctoral applicant with input from the faculty sponsors.
  4. Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the applicant’s scholarly achievements and research contributions.
  5. Current research funding available to the laboratories for supporting the research of the Sackler Scholar. (NIH “Other Support” pages, or equivalent, are acceptable.)

Detailed application procedures are provided on the Sackler Scholars website:

Where to apply: Please email application materials to:

Very Best Regards,
The Sackler Scholars Program Working Committee
(Chip Asbury, Adrienne Fairhall, Sarah Keller, Alex Merz, Chet Moritz & Fred Rieke)

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