Program Details and Goals

The interface between physical and biological sciences is rapidly opening new frontiers in biomedical research. To advance this fertile area, the University of Washington has established an inter-departmental Sackler Scholars Program in Integrative Biophysics to support postdoctoral fellows in cross-disciplinary research. Sackler Scholars work at the intersection of medicine, biology and the physical sciences to further our knowledge in emerging areas of research and to facilitate rapid translation of laboratory advances to clinical application.

New techniques allow precise measurement of living processes ranging from the nanometer scale movements of individual proteins to the computations carried out by neural circuits in the brain. These techniques are driving a revolutionary change in quantitative bioscience, enabling us, for the first time, to answer long-standing questions about the mechanisms that govern many fundamental biological processes. To capitalize on these advances, it is urgent to bring together physicists, engineers, biologists, and medical scientists to pursue new experimental directions based on theoretically framed questions, and to drive new theoretical approaches given the questions which are now, or will soon be, accessible to experiment. Postdoctoral fellows are at an ideal stage in their careers to accomplish such interdisciplinary work – they are world experts in their PhD field and are motivated to apply their expertise in creative and groundbreaking ways.

Goals of the UW Sackler Scholars Program

  • To select and recruit top postdoctoral fellows whose work bridges physical and biological research areas. Each Scholar will be required to partner with two principal investigators working in different fields. National and international applicants are welcome.
  • To foster movement of fellows from physical sciences into quantitative biology by providing up to two years of seed funding.
  • To support and encourage cross-campus collaborations among the many UW faculty who are engaged in biophysics, medical and physical sciences research.
  • To provide a focus for the UW biophysics community through research seminars and other activities.

The UW Sackler Scholars Program in Integrative Biophysics is made possible by a generous gift from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation.