UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Quantitative Seminar

Spring 2009 Schedule


Speaker & Topic

3 April

Nathan Taylor, Fisheries Centre, UBC

MAST: A Multistock Age Structured Tag Integrated Assessment Model of Atlantic Bluefin tuna

10 April

Ray Hilborn, UW School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Evaluating proposed Marine Protected Areas in California - guidelines and models


17 April

David Fluharty, UW School of Marine Affairs

Policy Speaks to Science


24 April

Rick Methot, NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Approaching a Unified Theory for Fish Recruitment Variability, Assessment Information, and Unbiased Estimation.


1 May

no quantitative seminar in favor of the

Bevan Symposium '09: Ecosystem-based fisheries management in practice

8 May

Christian Torgersen, UW College of Forest Resources/ USGS

Integrated landscape monitoring: Lessons learned from the UK, Norway, USA, and Canada


15 May

Alan Haynie, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

The design of hybrid individual incentive mechanisms for bycatch reduction


22 May

Derek McClure, UW QERM/College of Forest Resources

Multiple food type producer/scrounger foraging models with an application to beach foraging northwestern crows, Corvus caurinus


29 May

Charlotte Boyd, UW School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences and

Elizabeth Skewgar, UW Department of Biology

Identifying behavior modes from movement patterns in seabird tracks


June 5

Ian Taylor, NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center/SAFS

Hiding or dead? A comparison of the effects of dome-shaped selectivity and differential removal of fast-growing fish