UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Quantitative Seminar

Winter 2008 Schedule


Speaker & Topic

17 January

Devin Johnson, NOAA Fisheries - National Marine Mammal Laboratory

Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models for Animal Telemetry Data


25 January

Tim Essington, UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Cannibals! : Estimating intraspecific predation rates in western Pacific skipjack tuna

1 February

McLean Sloughter, UW Department of Statistics

Probabilistic Weather Forecasting Using Bayesian Model Averaging

8 February

Lucy Flynn, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Incorporating Life-History Plasticity into Models of Habitat Impacts on Salmonid Population Dynamics

15 February

Steve Martell, University of British Columbia, Fisheries Centre

Stock Assessment from a Fisheries Management Perspective


22 February

Jim Anderson, UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences / QERM, Columbia Basin Research

Distal, Proximal, and Genetic Influences on Spring Chinook Salmon Migratory Timing

29 February

Eli Holmes, NOAA Fisheries - Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Multivariate autoregressive modeling of multi-species time series data with application to fisheries data

7 March

Susanne McDermott & Libby Loggerwell, NOAA Fisheries - Alaska Fisheries Science Center

Fishery interaction and the availability of Atka mackerel prey for Stellar sea lions: Results from a local abundance and movement study of Atka mackerel

14 March

Martin Liermann, NOAA Fisheries - Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Development and use of population dynamic and statistical models in understanding patterns and processes of salmonid colonization