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The purpose of SAMlink is to conenct students to opportunities in science and math. This page is your portal to other relevant resources on campus.


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Learn: Academic Resources

CLUE (Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment)
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Study with them! Offering drop-in tutoring and class discussion sessions, mostly for introductory courses. SAM-related subjects include chemistry, math and physics, but you can get help with a lot more -- psych, Persian, econ ... the list goes on.

Math Study Center
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The Math Study Center is a great place to work on math, whether you need help or not! Tutors are on staff to help with questions (though no long-term tutoring). Textbooks, calculators and other study materials are available to be checked out for in-room use.

CSE Intro Programming Lab
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The IPL is staffed with CSE 142 and 143 TAs ready to assit you with those tricky CSE 142 and 143 assignments.

Counseling Center workshops
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Study smarter and feel more confidant about tests! The counseling center provides workshops to aid your academic success.


Work: Career, Internship, and Volunteer Resources

UW Career Center
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Your resource for expert advice of all thinkgs work-related. Edit your resume, practice interviewing, meet prospective employers -- even learn how to negotiate for a higher salary!

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HuskyJobs is a resource run by the Career Center, but it's so awesome we're giving it its own link. 7,000+ jobs and internships -- all advertised directly to UW students. Upload your resume and start applying today!

Engineering Co-Op
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Earn credit, money, and experience! Internships can vary greatly (they can be unpaid, or even unrelated to your goals), but Co-op is a structured program with specific requirements for the student and employer -- so you get an internship, and you know what to expect.


Do More: Additional Resources

The Carlson Center
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"The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center develops service-learning, community-based participatory research, and service opportunities for UW students that sustain reciprocal partnerships, deepen learning, advance civic leadership, and contribute to our greater community." In other words, they help you find interesting stuff to do that benefits the community.

Counseling Center
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College can be rough (so can the rest of life). Don't let outside issues disctract you from academic success. Check out the Counseling Center's workshops, resources, and individual counseling options.

Undergrad Research Program
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Not sure what you would do as an undergrad researcher, or how to get involved? This program has it figured out, with a seminar class, research fairs, workshops, and more.


Up-Coming Science And Math Events

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