Event Planning

RSOs are encouraged to meet with an SAO adviser for all campus event planning needs. SAO advisers provide guidance and help navigate policies and procedures, funding processes, and event logistics. The biggest mistake an RSO can make is to underestimate the time and effort it takes to plan and carry out an event.

Typical events that RSOs have held in the past are dances, conferences, fundraisers, art exhibits, poetry readings, talent shows, charity auctions, concerts, sports tournaments, food fairs, movies, carnivals, cultural fairs, theater/drama productions, theme weeks, fun runs and rallies.

The SAO advising staff can help you through the event planning process.

Event Pre-Planning

  • What kind of event is it?
  • What are the goals for the event?
  • How will the event benefit UW students/community?
  • Will the event be open to club members/UW community/general public?
  • Is the event a duplication of another event? Has it been done in the past? What were its strength and weaknesses?
  • Could the event possibly incur liability? What are the risks involved? Is it dangerous?

Event Logistics

  • Set a date and time for your event. Does it conflict with any other campus event (midterms, finals, other RSO event, or a holiday)? If so, how will you resolve the conflict?
  • Has the facility or venue been reserved?
  • Are you aware of the policies regarding the use of campus facilities? [UUF]
  • Will the event location attract or inhibit student attendance?
  • What is the estimated attendance?
  • Will you be selling tickets or needing event staff?
  • Will you be preparing or selling food?
  • Will others [outside your RSO] be selling anything at your event?
  • Will alcohol be served at your event?
  • Will you be requiring the services of a performer, band, speaker, DJ, dance troupe, etc? Will a contract be needed?
  • What are your lighting, sound, and other equipment requirements?
  • Do you have a publicity / advertising plan?
  • Do you have enough members and volunteers to help set up, run the event, and clean up afterward?
  • Will security be an issue?

Event Budget

  • What is the budget for the event?
  • Will the event be co-sponsored by another RSO, student government, or academic department?
  • Has your organization received any student government, ASUW / GPSS, or SAUF funding for this or any other event, this year?
  • Are there any other (off-campus) sources of funding available for your organization?
  • Will your organization be donating any proceeds to charity?
  • When all else fails, do you have a back up plan?