Officer Changes

The Office Change request can only be submitted after the initial student org registration within a school year. In other words, an Officer Change request cannot be used to re-register a student org from one year to the next.

New Officers

In the event that the Primary Officer is no longer available to process an officer change, any new officer can initiate the Officer Change process as follows:

  • New Officer: Stops by SAO to provide their UWNetID
  • SAO Initiates an officer change in the RSO Reg System for the intended RSO
  • New Officer: Must attend a Registration Session and swipe their Husky Card effectively making them the new Primary Officer
  • New Primary Officer: Logs in to the RSO Reg System using their UWNetID, agrees to Terms & Conditions, confirms their officer status
  • New Primary Officer: Updates other Officer information, if necessary
  • Important! If the officer change affects the Registered Users for the RSO email/web account, the Primary Officer will be prompted to update the Registered Users as well.
  • Confirmation Emails: RSO Reg System will generate an email to any new officer.
  • New Officer(s): Must log in to RSO Reg System using their UWNetID, provide their name, UWID, and phone number; agree to RSO Terms & Conditions, and; Confirm their officer status
  • Primary Officer: Submit the Officer Change for Approval once all new officers have confirmed their status
  • SAO Staff: Processes/approves Officer Change
  • SAO Staff: Generates a new Registration Certificate and notifies all officers via email

Email SAO | 206-543-2380