Registration Process

STEP ONE in registering a student organization is for a UW student/org officer to attend a Registration Session. Attendance at a Reg Session is required every academic year for re-registration. This officer is considered the Primary Officer and ALL officers must be currently enrolled UW-Seattle students.

NOTE: Reg Sessions are OPEN. No need to sign up! Just show up with your Husky Card.

Husky Card Required at Reg Sessions – The Primary Officer must swipe their Husky Card at the Reg Session to record their attendance and initiate the registration process.

Online Registration Form

  • Primary Officer: Logs into the RSO Registration system with their UWNetID and completes their Officer Profile with their name, UW Student ID number and phone number if not previously entered.
  • Registration Option
    -Re-Registration: Primary Officer searches for RSO and clicks “Renew”
    -New RSO: Primary Officer clicks on “Create New RSO” button.
  • Terms & Conditions: Primary Officer must agree in order to continue.
  • Officers: Primary Officer provides the student’s personal UW Net IDs for the 4 other student officers. An email is sent to these officers about confirming their officer status for this RSO.
    NOTE: All Officers must be currently registered, UW Seattle students.
  • Club Information: Primary Officer provides organization, contact, and on-campus office information.
  • External Advisor: Primary Officer provides Non-SAO Advisor and Off-campus affiliation data.
  • Email/Web Account Request:
    -Previous Account: Primary Officer chooses to renew their account.
    -New Account: Primary Officer must choose to create a new account and selects a second Registered User for the account.
  • Mailbox: Primary Officer chooses to request a new mailbox or renew an existing mailbox.
  • Constitution: Primary Officer provides a new or updated constitution, if necessary. The constitution must include a date indicating when the constitution was last Approved or Amended by your RSO officers or membership.
    [ Sample Org Constitution ]
  • Review Page: Primary Officer can view all submitted information and officer verification status and make changes until the registration is submitted to SAO for approval.

Registration Approval Process

  • Officer Verification: Each officer must log in with their UWNetID, provide their name, UW Student ID number and phone number; Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and; Confirm their officer status, before the Primary Officer can submit the Online Registration to SAO.
  • If Officer Declines: The Primary Officer will receive an email if an officer declines their officer status. The Primary Officer can then log back into the registration system and provide the UWNetID of another student.
  • Officers Confirmation: The Primary Officer will receive an email once all other officers have confirmed their status. The Primary Officer can log back into the system and submit the registration to SAO.
  • SAO Staff: Process the registration.
  • SAO Staff: Contact the officers in case of questions or problems with the registration.
  • SAO Staff: Email all 5 officers when the registration is approved with a Registration Certificate.
  • SAO Staff: Email all the Registered Users of Email/Web Account status.
  • SAO Staff: Email all 5 officers of Mailbox status, if requested.