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Alphabetical List (J)

RSO Name RSO Type
J. Reuben Clark Law SocietyLaw
Jackson School Graduate CouncilAcademic
Jackson School Journal of International StudiesAcademic
Jackson School Student AssociationAcademic
Japanese Student AssociationCultural / International
Japanese Trading Card Game SocietySpecial Interest
Jewish Law Students AssociationLaw
Jewish Student ExperienceReligious/Spiritual
Jewish Studies Student CommitteeAcademic
Joint Action KoreaPolitical / Social Action
Judo Club at the UWSports
Jumpstart Leadership CorpsSpecial Interest

Previously Registered RSOs

The following student organizations are not registered for the current school year. Their last known registration date (year) is indicated.

RSO Name Last Active Year
Jackson School of International Studies Student Association2012 - 2013
Jackson School Speakers Group2007 - 2008
Japan Disaster Relief2012 - 2013
Japan Studies Graduate Student Association2012 - 2013
Japanese Film Association2007 - 2008
Japanese Language Network2007 - 2008
Japanese Music Club2009 - 2010
Jehovah's Witnesses at the UW2010 - 2011
Jolkona Foundation at the University of Washington2010 - 2011
Journal of Law and Health Research Committee2009 - 2010
Journalists for Human Rights2006 - 2007
Judaism's Egalitarian Worship Squad2006 - 2007
Jugglers at the UW2009 - 2010
Juggling Club at the University of Washington2012 - 2013
Junto UW Chapter2008 - 2009
Just1Word at the University of Washington2009 - 2010
Justice Works! Student Chapter at the UW2010 - 2011