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Alphabetical List (Q)

RSO Name RSO Type
Q Center Student StaffPolitical / Social Action
QMed: Queer Medical Student Organization at the University of WashingtonGraduate / Professional Students
Queer People of Color AllianceCultural / International
QueeriesSpecial Interest
Quizbowl Team at the University of WashingtonAcademic

Previously Registered RSOs

The following student organizations are not registered for the current school year. Their last known registration date (year) is indicated.

RSO Name Last Active Year
Q at the U Newsletter2007 - 2008
Q Center- Business And Social Engagement Committee2011 - 2012
QGraduates, Faculty, and Staff2010 - 2011
Queer / Straight Alliance at the Unversity of Washington2008 - 2009
Queer Activism Coalition2012 - 2013
Queer Men's Group2009 - 2010
Queer Women Transgender Individuals Interest Group2007 - 2008
Queery2010 - 2011