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Alphabetical List (Y)

RSO Name RSO Type
Yelling Club of UWRecreation
Yogis at University of WashingtonSpecial Interest
Young Democrats at the UWPolitical / Social Action

Previously Registered RSOs

The following student organizations are not registered for the current school year. Their last known registration date (year) is indicated.

RSO Name Last Active Year
Yan Xin Life Science & Technology Club at UW2012 - 2013
Young Adult Christain Fellowship2011 - 2012
Young Americans for Freedom2012 - 2013
Young Americans for Liberty - UW Chapter2012 - 2013
Young Life College2012 - 2013
Youth Against War and Racism2005 - 2006
Youth for Ron Paul - University of Washington Chapter2011 - 2012
Youth With A Mission-YWAM2005 - 2006