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Sciences Organizations

RSO Name RSO Type
American Fisheries Society University of Washington Student ChapterSciences
American Meteorological Society Student Chapter at the UWSciences
Bird ClubSciences
Career Development Organization for Physicists and Astronomers at the UWSciences
Child Oral Relief and Education UW ChapterSciences
Epsilon Chapter of the Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honorary Society and Free Radicals Chemistry ClubSciences
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, University of Washington ChapterSciences
Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association SeattleSciences
Math ClubSciences
MathEngage at UWSciences
Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering Student AssociationSciences
Neurobiology and Behavior Community OutreachSciences
Neurobiology ClubSciences
Society for Biomaterials UW ChapterSciences
Society for Ecological Restoration University of Washington Student GuildSciences
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science Student Chapter at the UWSciences
Society for Undergraduate Resources in FisheriesSciences
Society of American ForestersSciences
Society of Physics StudentsSciences
The Botany Club at UWSciences
The League of AstronomersSciences
Undergraduate Neuroscience JournalSciences
Women in Chemical Sciences at the University of WashingtonSciences

Previously Registered RSOs

The following student organizations are not registered for the current school year. Their last known registration date (year) is indicated.

RSO Name Last Active Year
Alpha Chi Sigma, Gamma Pi2009 - 2010
American Indian Science and Engineering Society2011 - 2012
American Vacuum Society Student Chapter2012 - 2013
American Vacuum Society Student Chapter at UW2011 - 2012
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) Student Chapter2012 - 2013
Geo Club2005 - 2006
League of Astronomers2007 - 2008
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics at University of Washington2005 - 2006
Student Research and Development at UW2009 - 2010
Students for South American Biodiversity2008 - 2009
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space2006 - 2007
The Dharma Initiative2009 - 2010
The Young Naturalists' Society of the Pacific Northwest2012 - 2013
Undergraduate Women in Physics at the University of Washington2009 - 2010