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May 2, 2017

J neurosci

Feature-Selective Attention Adaptively Shifts Noise Correlations in Primary Auditory Cortex Joshua D. Downer, Brittany Rapone, Jessica Verhein, Kevin N. O'Connor and Mitchell L. Sutter Journal of Neuroscience 24 May 2017, 37 (21) 5378-5392; DOI: (Eric)

Posterior Inferotemporal Cortex Cells Use Multiple Input Pathways for Shape Encoding Carlos R. Ponce, Stephen G. Lomber and Margaret S. Livingstone Journal of Neuroscience 10 May 2017, 37 (19) 5019-5034; DOI: (Hannah)

Dynamical Timescale Explains Marginal Stability in Excitability Dynamics Tie Xu and Omri Barak Journal of Neuroscience 26 April 2017, 37 (17) 4508-4524; DOI: (Kathleen/Iris/Merav/general)

Alteration of Neuronal Excitability and Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in the Prefrontal Cortex of a Mouse Model of Mental Illness Gregg W. Crabtree, Ziyi Sun, Mirna Kvajo, Jantine A.C. Broek, Karine Fénelon, Heather McKellar, Lan Xiao, Bin Xu, Sabine Bahn, James M. O'Donnell and Joseph A. Gogos Journal of Neuroscience 12 April 2017, 37 (15) 4158-4180; DOI: (general)

Locomotion Enhances Neural Encoding of Visual Stimuli in Mouse V1 Maria C. Dadarlat and Michael P. Stryker Journal of Neuroscience 5 April 2017, 37 (14) 3764-3775; DOI: (Doris)

Whole-Brain Neural Dynamics of Probabilistic Reward Prediction Dominik R. Bach, Mkael Symmonds, Gareth Barnes and Raymond J. Dolan Journal of Neuroscience 5 April 2017, 37 (14) 3789-3798; DOI: (Eric/Kathleen/Merav)

J neurophys

Revealing unobserved factors underlying cortical activity with a rectified latent variable model applied to neural population recordings Matthew R. Whiteway, Daniel A. Butts Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 March 2017 Vol. 117 no. 3, 919-936 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00698.2016 (Braden)

Modeling fast and slow gamma oscillations with interneurons of different subtype Stephen Keeley, André A. Fenton, John Rinzel Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 March 2017 Vol. 117 no. 3, 950-965 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00490.2016 (Kam)

Characteristics of breathing rate control mediated by a subregion within the pontine parabrachial complex Edward J. Zuperku, Astrid G. Stucke, Francis A. Hopp, Eckehard A. E. Stuth Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 March 2017 Vol. 117 no. 3, 1030-1042 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00591.2016 (Kam)

Maps of cone opsin input to mouse V1 and higher visual areas Issac Rhim, Gabriela Coello-Reyes, Hee-Kyoung Ko, Ian Nauhaus Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 April 2017 Vol. 117 no. 4, 1674-1682 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00849.2016 (Iris)

Correlation between discharge timings of pairs of motor units reveals the presence but not the proportion of common synaptic input to motor neurons Javier Rodriguez-Falces, Francesco Negro, Dario Farina Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 April 2017 Vol. 117 no. 4, 1749-1760 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00497.2016 (Braden, general)

Nature Neuro

Inhibitory suppression of heterogeneously tuned excitation enhances spatial coding in CA1 place cells Christine Grienberger, Aaron D Milstein, Katie C Bittner, Sandro Romani & Jeffrey C Magee Nature Neuroscience 20, 417–426 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4486 (general)

Network neuroscience Danielle S Bassett & Olaf Sporns Nature Neuroscience 20, 353–364 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4502 (general)

Dynamic models of large-scale brain activity Michael Breakspear Nature Neuroscience 20, 340–352 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4497 (Kathleen)

MIT Neural Computation

Ramazan Tekin and Mehmet Emin Tagluk. Effects of Small-World Rewiring Probability and Noisy Synaptic Conductivity on Slow Waves: Cortical Network (Kam)

Phys Rev Lett/E/X

Emergence of Compositional Representations in Restricted Boltzmann Machines J. Tubiana and R. Monasson

Critical dynamics of Hopf bifurcations in the corticothalamic system: Transitions from normal arousal states to epileptic seizures Dong-Ping Yang and P. A. Robinson

Chaos and Correlated Avalanches in Excitatory Neural Networks with Synaptic Plasticity Fabrizio Pittorino, Miguel Ibáñez-Berganza, Matteo di Volo,3 Alessandro Vezzani and Raffaella Burioni

Channel noise effects on first spike latency of a stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley neuron Brenton Maisel and Katja Lindenberg

Accuracy of rate coding: When shorter time window and higher spontaneous activity help Marie Levakova, Massimiliano Tamborrino, Lubomir Kostal, and Petr Lansky

Random versus maximum entropy models of neural population activity Ulisse Ferrari, Tomoyuki Obuchi, and Thierry Mora

Mean-field equations for neuronal networks with arbitrary degree distributions Duane Q. Nykamp, Daniel Friedman, Sammy Shaker, Maxwell Shinn, and Michael Vella, Albert Compte, Alex Roxin


A Balanced Comparison of Object Invariances in Monkey IT Neurons N. Apurva Ratan Murty and Sripati P. Arun eNeuro 5 April 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0333-16.2017; DOI:

Nonstationary Stochastic Dynamics Underlie Spontaneous Transitions between Active and Inactive Behavioral States Alexandre Melanson, Jorge F. Mejias, James J. Jun, Leonard Maler and André Longtin eNeuro 21 March 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0355-16.2017; DOI:

Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Interaction with the Arcuate Nucleus; Essential for Organizing Physiological Rhythms Frederik N. Buijs, Mara Guzmán-Ruiz, Luis León-Mercado, Mari Carmen Basualdo, Carolina Escobar, Andries Kalsbeek and Ruud M. Buijs eNeuro 17 March 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0028-17.2017; DOI:

Communication between Brain Areas Based on Nested Oscillations Mathilde Bonnefond, Sabine Kastner and Ole Jensen eNeuro 10 March 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0153-16.2017; DOI:

Neuronify: An Educational Simulator for Neural Circuits Svenn-Arne Dragly, Milad Hobbi Mobarhan, Andreas Våvang Solbrå, Simen Tennøe, Anders Hafreager, Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, Marianne Fyhn, Torkel Hafting and Gaute T. Einevoll eNeuro 9 March 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0022-17.2017; DOI:

Rate and Temporal Coding Convey Multisensory Information in Primary Sensory Cortices Malte Bieler, Kay Sieben, Nicole Cichon, Sandra Schildt, Brigitte Röder and Ileana L. Hanganu-Opatz eNeuro 6 March 2017, 4 (2) ENEURO.0037-17.2017; DOI:

PLoS Computational Biology

Representational models: A common framework for understanding encoding, pattern-component, and representational-similarity analysis Jörn Diedrichsen , Nikolaus Kriegeskorte Published: April 24, 2017,

When do correlations increase with firing rates in recurrent networks? Andrea K. Barreiro , Cheng Ly Published: April 27, 2017

Predicting explorative motor learning using decision-making and motor noise Xiuli Chen , Kieran Mohr, Joseph M. Galea Published: April 24, 2017

Slow diffusive dynamics in a chaotic balanced neural network Nimrod Shaham, Yoram Burak Published: May 1, 2017

PLOS Biology

Sequence learning modulates neural responses and oscillatory coupling in human and monkey auditory cortex Yukiko Kikuchi , Adam Attaheri, Benjamin Wilson, Ariane E. Rhone, Kirill V. Nourski, Phillip E. Gander, Christopher K. Kovach, Hiroto Kawasaki, Timothy D. Griffiths, Matthew A. Howard III, Christopher I. Petkov Published: April 25, 2017

A novel mechanism of cone photoreceptor adaptation Marcus H. C. Howlett, Robert G. Smith, Maarten Kamermans Published: April 12, 2017


The computational nature of memory modification Samuel J Gershman  Marie-H Monfils Kenneth A Norman Yael Niv

Rules and mechanisms for efficient two-stage learning in neural circuits Tiberiu Teşileanu Bence Ölveczky Vijay Balasubramanian

Emergence of transformation-tolerant representations of visual objects in rat lateral extrastriate cortex Sina Tafazoli Houman Safaai Gioia De Franceschi Federica BiancaRosselli Walter Vanzella Margherita Riggi Federica Buffolo StefanoPanzeri Davide Zoccolan (Doris, Hannah)

Dynamic range adaptation in primary motor cortical populations Robert G Rasmussen Andrew Schwartz Steven M Chase

Neural markers of predictive coding under perceptual uncertainty revealed with Hierarchical Frequency Tagging Noam Gordon  Roger Koenig-Robert Naotsugu Tsuchiya Jeroen JA van Boxtel Jakob Hohwy (Hannah)

Sensitivity to image recurrence across eye-movement-like image transitions through local serial inhibition in the retina Vidhyasankar Krishnamoorthy Michael Weick Tim Gollisch (Ali)

Biologically plausible learning in recurrent neural networks reproduces neural dynamics observed during cognitive tasks Thomas Miconi

Bottom-up and top-down computations in word- and face-selective cortex Kendrick N Kay  Jason D Yeatman

Generalizable knowledge outweighs incidental details in prefrontal ensemble code over time Mark D Morrissey Nathan Insel Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi


A Multiplexed, Heterogeneous, and Adaptive Code for Navigation in Medial Entorhinal Cortex Kiah Hardcastle, Niru Maheswaranathan, Surya Ganguli, Lisa M. Giocomo3,

Homeostatic Plasticity Shapes Cell-Type-Specific Wiring in the Retina Nai-Wen Tien, Florentina Soto, Daniel Kerschensteiner

Neuroscience Needs Behavior: Correcting a Reductionist Bias John W. Krakauer, Asif A. Ghazanfar, Alex Gomez-Marin, Malcolm A. MacIver, David Poeppel (General interest!)

Cracking the Neural Code for Sensory Perception by Combining Statistics, Intervention, and Behavior Stefano Panzeri, Christopher D. Harvey, Eugenio Piasini, Peter E. Latham, Tommaso Fellin

A Spotlight on Bridging Microscale and Macroscale Human Brain Architecture Martijn P. van den Heuvel, B.T. Thomas Yeo

Computing by Robust Transience: How the Fronto-Parietal Network Performs Sequential, Category-Based Decisions Warasinee Chaisangmongkon, Sruthi K. Swaminathan, David J. Freedman, Xiao-Jing Wang (Hannah)

Optimal Degrees of Synaptic Connectivity Ashok Litwin-Kumar, Kameron Decker Harris, Richard Axel, Haim Sompolinsky, L.F. Abbott  :)

J Computational Neuroscience

Neural mass models as a tool to investigate neural dynamics during seizures (Kathleen, Merav)

The shaping of intrinsic membrane potential oscillations: positive/negative feedback, ionic resonance/amplification, nonlinearities and time scales (Braden, Ali)

Propagation and synchronization of reverberatory bursts in developing cultured networks (Kam)


Machine learning for quantum physics (Iris)

Layer-specific modulation of neocortical dendritic inhibition during active wakefulness (General interest)

My love affair with the brain (General interest)

7 Feb 2017

Journal of Neurophysiology

Does the sensorimotor system minimize prediction error or select the most likely prediction during object lifting? Joshua G. A. Cashaback, Heather R. McGregor, Henry C. H. Pun, Gavin Buckingham, Paul L. Gribble Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 January 2017 Vol. 117 no. 1, 260-274 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00609.2016 (Hannah)

Dynamic balance of excitation and inhibition rapidly modulates spike probability and precision in feed-forward hippocampal circuits Sarah Wahlstrom-Helgren, Vitaly A. Klyachko Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 December 2016 Vol. 116 no. 6, 2564-2575 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00413.2016 (general interest)

Spontaneous activity is correlated with coding density in primary auditory cortex David A. Bender, Ruiye Ni, Dennis L. Barbour Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 December 2016 Vol. 116 no. 6, 2789-2798 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00474.2016 (Ali and Braden, noise stuff)

Synaptic and intrinsic homeostasis cooperate to optimize single neuron response properties and tune integrator circuits Jonathan Cannon, Paul Miller Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 November 2016 Vol. 116 no. 5, 2004-2022 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00253.2016 (me)

Dynamics of excitatory and inhibitory networks are differentially altered by selective attention Adam C. Snyder, Michael J. Morais, Matthew A. Smith Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 October 2016 Vol. 116 no. 4, 1807-1820 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00343.2016 (general interest, Matt?)

Nonlinear computations shaping temporal processing of precortical vision Daniel A. Butts, Yuwei Cui, Alexander R. R. Casti Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 September 2016 Vol. 116 no. 3, 1344-1357 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00878.2015 (general interest)

Relating normalization to neuronal populations across cortical areas Douglas A. Ruff, Joshua J. Alberts, Marlene R. Cohen Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 September 2016 Vol. 116 no. 3, 1375-1386 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00017.2016 (general interest)

A simple approach to ignoring irrelevant variables by population decoding based on multisensory neurons HyungGoo R. Kim, Xaq Pitkow, Dora E. Angelaki, Gregory C. DeAngelis Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 September 2016 Vol. 116 no. 3, 1449-1467 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00005.2016 (general interest)

Network burst activity in hippocampal neuronal cultures: the role of synaptic and intrinsic currents Jyothsna Suresh, Mihailo Radojicic, Lorenzo L. Pesce, Anita Bhansali, Janice Wang, Andrew K. Tryba, Jeremy D. Marks, Wim van Drongelen Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 June 2016 Vol. 115 no. 6, 3073-3089 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00995.2015 (me)

Light adaptation alters inner retinal inhibition to shape OFF retinal pathway signaling Reece E. Mazade, Erika D. Eggers Journal of Neurophysiology Published 1 June 2016 Vol. 115 no. 6, 2761-2778 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00948.2015 (retina peeps: me, Ali, Braden)

Journal of Computational Neuroscience:

Anti-correlations in the degree distribution increase stimulus detection performance in noisy spiking neural networks [Network structure influence performance]

Multiple timescale mixed bursting dynamics in a respiratory neuron model [Kam may be interested]

Neural assemblies revealed by inferred connectivity-based models of prefrontal cortex recordings [Infer functional connectivity]

Driving reservoir models with oscillations: a solution to the extreme structural sensitivity of chaotic networks [Guillaume's paper]

Linking dynamics of the inhibitory network to the input structure

Ion channel noise can explain firing correlation in auditory nerves

The dynamics of memory retrieval in hierarchical networks


Scene-selective coding by single neurons in the human parahippocampal cortex

Florian Mormann, Simon Kornblith, Moran Cerf, Matias J. Ison, Alexander Kraskov, Michelle Tran, Simeon Knieling, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Christof Koch, and Itzhak Fried

Published: January 31, 2017 114 (5) 1153-1158; doi:10.1073/pnas.1608159113 [General]

Stable population coding for working memory coexists with heterogeneous neural dynamics in prefrontal cortex

John D. Murray, Alberto Bernacchia, Nicholas A. Roy, Christos Constantinidis, Ranulfo Romo, and Xiao-Jing Wang

PNAS 2017 114 (2) 394-399; published ahead of print December 27, 2016, doi:10.1073/pnas.1619449114 [General]

Emergence of an abstract categorical code enabling the discrimination of temporally structured tactile stimuli

Román Rossi-Pool, Emilio Salinas, Antonio Zainos, Manuel Alvarez, José Vergara, Néstor Parga, and Ranulfo Romo

PNAS 2016 113 (49) E7966-E7975; published ahead of print November 21, 2016, doi:10.1073/pnas.1618196113 [General]

Integration of parallel mechanosensory and visual pathways resolved through sensory conflict

Eatai Roth, Robert W. Hall, Thomas L. Daniel, and Simon Sponberg

PNAS 2016 113 (45) 12832-12837; doi:10.1073/pnas.1522419113 [General]

Predictability and hierarchy in Drosophila behavior Gordon J. Berman, William Bialek, and Joshua W. Shaevitz PNAS 2016 113 (42) 11943-11948; doi:10.1073/pnas.1607601113 [General]

Functional neuroanatomy of intuitive physical inference Jason Fischer, John G. Mikhael, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, and Nancy Kanwisher PNAS 2016 113 (34) E5072-E5081; August 8, 2016, doi:10.1073/pnas.1610344113 [General]

Nature A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex Matthew F. Glasser, Timothy S. Coalson, Emma C. Robinson, Carl D. Hacker,John Harwell, Essa Yacoub, Kamil Ugurbil,Jesper Andersson,Christian F. Beckmann,Mark Jenkinson, Stephen M. Smith& David C. Van Essen Nature 536, 171–178 (11 August 2016) doi:10.1038/nature18933 [General]

A novel excitatory network for the control of breathing

Tatiana M. Anderson,Alfredo J. Garcia,Nathan A. Baertsch,Julia Pollak,Jacob C. Bloom, Aguan D. Wei,Karan G. Rai & Jan-Marino Ramirez Nature 536, 76–80 (04 August 2016) doi:10.1038/nature18944 [Kam]

J Neurosci

Retinal Circuitry Balances Contrast Tuning of Excitation and Inhibition to Enable Reliable Computation of Direction Selectivity Alon Poleg-Polsky and Jeffrey S. Diamond Journal of Neuroscience 25 May 2016, 36 (21) 5861-5876; DOI: (ali maybe / joel)

Contour Curvature As an Invariant Code for Objects in Visual Area V4 Yasmine El-Shamayleh and Anitha Pasupathy Journal of Neuroscience 18 May 2016, 36 (20) 5532-5543; DOI: (hannah)

Nature Neuro Developmental broadening of inhibitory sensory maps Kathleen B Quast, Kevin Ung, Emmanouil Froudarakis, Longwen Huang, Isabella Herman, Angela P Addison, Joshua Ortiz-Guzman, Keith Cordiner, Peter Saggau, Andreas S Tolias & Benjamin R Arenkiel Nature Neuroscience 20, 189–199 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4467 (general interest)

Parallel processing by cortical inhibition enables context-dependent behavior Kishore V Kuchibhotla, Jonathan V Gill, Grace W Lindsay, Eleni S Papadoyannis, Rachel E Field, Tom A Hindmarsh Sten, Kenneth D Miller & Robert C Froemke Nature Neuroscience 20, 62–71 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4436 (general interest)

The spatial structure of correlated neuronal variability Robert Rosenbaum, Matthew A Smith, Adam Kohn, Jonathan E Rubin & Brent Doiron Nature Neuroscience 20, 107–114 (2017) doi:10.1038/nn.4433 (general interest)

Experience-dependent spatial expectations in mouse visual cortex Aris Fiser, David Mahringer, Hassana K Oyibo, Anders V Petersen, Marcus Leinweber & Georg B Keller Nature Neuroscience 19, 1658–1664 (2016) doi:10.1038/nn.4385 (Hannah)

Synaptic scaling rule preserves excitatory–inhibitory balance and salient neuronal network dynamics Jérémie Barral & Alex D Reyes Nature Neuroscience 19, 1690–1696 (2016) doi:10.1038/nn.4415 (Matt)

Linking pattern completion in the hippocampus to predictive coding in visual cortex Nicholas C Hindy, Felicia Y Ng & Nicholas B Turk-Browne Nature Neuroscience 19, 665–667 (2016) doi:10.1038/nn.4284 (Hannah)

MIT Neural Computation:

Active Inference A Process Theory. Karl Friston, Thomas FitzGerald, Francesco Rigoli, Philipp Schwartenbeck, and Giovanni Pezzulo, Neural Computation 2017, 1-49 (Hannah)

The Population Tracking Model A Simple, Scalable Statistical Model for Neural Population Data. Cian O’Donnell, J. Tiago Gonçalves, Nick Whiteley, Carlos Portera-Cailliau, and Terrence J. Sejnowski. Neural Computation 2017 291, 50-93 (General)

On the Mathematical Consequences of Binning Spike Trains. Bruno Cessac, Arnaud Le Ny, and Eva Löcherbach Neural Computation 2017 29:1, 146-170 (General)

Pattern Completion in Symmetric Threshold-Linear Networks. Carina Curto and Katherine Morrison Neural Computation 2016 28:12, 2825-2852 (General)

Neural Quadratic Discriminant Analysis: Nonlinear Decoding with V1-Like Computation. Marino Pagan, Eero P. Simoncelli, and Nicole C. Rust Neural Computation 2016 28:11, 2291-2319 (Ali)

Identification of Stable Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity from Spiking Activity with Generalized Multilinear Modeling. Brian S. Robinson, Theodore W. Berger, and Dong Song Neural Computation 2016 28:11, 2320-2351 (General)

An Online Structural Plasticity Rule for Generating Better Reservoirs. Subhrajit Roy and Arindam Basu Neural Computation 2016 28:11, 2557-2584 (Matthew)

Integrator or Coincidence Detector: A Novel Measure Based on the Discrete Reverse Correlation to Determine a Neuron’s Operational Mode. Jacob Kanev, Achilleas Koutsou, Chris Christodoulou, and Klaus Obermayer Neural Computation 2016 28:10, 2091-2128 (Ali?)

Linking Neuromodulated Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity with the Free-Energy Principle. Takuya Isomura, Koji Sakai, Kiyoshi Kotani, and Yasuhiko Jimbo Neural Computation 2016 28:9, 1859-1888

Dynamic Signal Tracking in a Simple V1 Spiking Model. Guillaume Lajoie and Lai-Sang Young Neural Computation 2016 28:9, 1985-2010 (Matthew)

STDP as Presynaptic Activity Times Rate of Change of Postsynaptic Activity Approximates Backpropagation. Yoshua Bengio, Thomas Mesnard, Asja Fischer, Saizheng Zhang, and Yuhuai Wu 0 0:0, 1-23 (Iris)

Unifying Adversarial Training Algorithms with Data Gradient Regularization. Alexander G. Ororbia II, Daniel Kifer, and C. Lee Giles 0 0:0, 1-21 (Iris)

Deep Learning with Dynamic Spiking Neurons and Fixed Feedback Weights. Arash Samadi, Timothy P. Lillicrap, and Douglas B. Tweed 0 0:0, 1-25 (Iris)

Neural Circuits Trained with Standard Reinforcement Learning Can Accumulate Probabilistic Information during Decision Making. Nils Kurzawa, Christopher Summerfield, and Rafal Bogacz 2017 29:2, 368-393 (Iris)

Multisensory Bayesian Inference Depends on Synapse Maturation during Training: Theoretical Analysis and Neural Modeling Implementation. Mauro Ursino, Cristiano Cuppini, and Elisa Magosso 0 0:0, 1-48 (Hannah)

Interpretation of the Precision Matrix and Its Application in Estimating Sparse Brain Connectivity during Sleep Spindles from Human Electrocorticography Recordings. Anup Das, Aaron L. Sampson, Claudia Lainscsek, Lyle Muller, Wutu Lin, John C. Doyle, Sydney S. Cash, Eric Halgren, and Terrence J. Sejnowski 0 0:0, 1-40 (Kam/Kathleen)

Spike-Centered Jitter Can Mistake Temporal Structure. Jonathan Platkiewicz, Eran Stark, and Asohan Amarasingham 0 0:0, 1-21 (General)


Fundamental Activity Constraints Lead to Specific Interpretations of the Connectome Jannis Schuecker, Maximilian Schmidt, Sacha J. van Albada, Markus Diesmann, Moritz Helias Research Article | published 01 Feb 2017 PLOS Computational Biology (kam)

Approximate Inference for Time-Varying Interactions and Macroscopic Dynamics of Neural Populations Christian Donner, Klaus Obermayer, Hideaki Shimazaki Research Article | published 17 Jan 2017 PLOS Computational Biology (kathleen)

The Hamiltonian Brain: Efficient Probabilistic Inference with Excitatory-Inhibitory Neural Circuit Dynamics Laurence Aitchison, Máté Lengyel Research Article | published 27 Dec 2016 PLOS Computational Biology (general interest)

Scaling Properties of Dimensionality Reduction for Neural Populations and Network Models Ryan C. Williamson, Benjamin R. Cowley, Ashok Litwin-Kumar, Brent Doiron, Adam Kohn, Matthew A. Smith, Byron M. Yu Research Article | published 07 Dec 2016 PLOS Computational Biology (kathleen / general interest)

Neural Population Dynamics during Reaching Are Better Explained by a Dynamical System than Representational Tuning Jonathan A. Michaels, Benjamin Dann, Hansjörg Scherberger Research Article | published 04 Nov 2016 PLOS Computational Biology (kathleen)

The Computational Properties of a Simplified Cortical Column Model Nicholas Cain, Ramakrishnan Iyer, Christof Koch, Stefan Mihalas Research Article | published 12 Sep 2016 PLOS Computational Biology (hannah)

Stimulation-Based Control of Dynamic Brain Networks Sarah Feldt Muldoon, Fabio Pasqualetti, Shi Gu, Matthew Cieslak, Scott T. Grafton, Jean M. Vettel, Danielle S. Bassett Research Article | published 09 Sep 2016 PLOS Computational Biology (kathleen)

PLOS Bio BCI for locked-in patients (cool!!!) plasticity & learning goes with above long-term learning in hippocampus & cortex low correlations in striatum during avalanches (Plenz lab) sub-optimal information sampling, behavioral science, cognitive biases comparative spatial networks, monkey & mouse goes w/ above (Van Essen)

Network: Computation in Neural Systems

nothing new

eNeuro CPGs, neuromodulators, mouse spinal cord "figure-ground" selectivity in macaque V2, visual coding hippocampal connectomics orientation tuning depends on spatial frequency (Yuste) stimulation of human cortical networks, structure to function robustness of half-center CPG (Calabrese) "tractable" max-ent model

Of note mostly for Kam:

mouse connectome matrices from USC group available in CSV now:

eLife Mapping cortical mesoscopic networks of single spiking cortical or sub-cortical neurons An extended retinotopic map of mouse cortex (Waters) Optimal compensation for neuron loss (Deneve, Machens) Inhibitory control of correlated intrinsic variability in cortical networks Sensory dynamics of visual hallucinations in the normal population (Ermentrout) Recruitment of inhibition and excitation across mouse visual cortex depends on the hierarchy of interconnecting areas (Burkhalter)

Neuron Laminar Organization of Attentional Modulation in Macaque Visual Area V4 Plasticity to the Rescue (Sharpee) The Impact of Structural Heterogeneity on Excitation-Inhibition Balance in Cortical Networks (Sompolinsky) Mismatch Receptive Fields in Mouse Visual Cortex Rapid Sensory Adaptation Redux: A Circuit Perspective Neural Variability and Sampling-Based Probabilistic Representations in the Visual Cortex Efficient Receptive Field Tiling in Primate V1 Distinct Subthreshold Mechanisms Underlying Rate-Coding Principles in Primate Auditory Cortex Neurons in Macaque Area V4 Are Tuned for Complex Spatio-Temporal Patterns Bottom-Up and Top-Down Input Augment the Variability of Cortical Neurons Defining preBötzinger Complex Rhythm- and Pattern-Generating Neural Microcircuits In Vivo Analysis of Neuronal Spike Trains, Deconstructed

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience:

Representational Distance Learning for Deep Neural Networks, (Iris)

Modeling the dynamics of human brain activity with recurrent neural networks, (Kathleen)

Toward an Integration of Deep Learning and Neuroscience, (Iris)

10 May 2016


Posterior Parietal Cortex Drives Inferotemporal Activations During Three-Dimensional Object Vision Ilse C. Van Dromme , Elsie Premereur , Bram-Ernst Verhoef, Wim Vanduffel, Peter Janssen Published: April 15, 2016 (Tim)

Towards a Neuronal Gauge Theory Biswa Sengupta , Arturo Tozzi, Gerald K. Cooray, Pamela K. Douglas, Karl J. Friston Published: March 8, 2016 (Braden)

Whisking, Sniffing, and the Hippocampal θ-Rhythm: A Tale of Two Oscillators David Kleinfeld , Martin Deschênes, Nachum Ulanovsky Published: February 18, 2016 (Kam & Josh)

Lateral Inhibition in the Vertebrate Retina: The Case of the Missing Neurotransmitter Richard H. Kramer , Christopher M. Davenport Published: December 10, 2015 (Ali)

Network: Computation in Neural Systems

A review of methods for identifying stochastic resonance in simulations of single neuron models. Mark D. McDonnellabc*, Nicolangelo Iannellaa, Minh-Son Tode, Henry C. Tuckwellbfg, Jürgen Jostfh, Boris S. Gutkinij & Lawrence M. Wardc. (Eric)


Correction: Song et al., Mechanisms Leading to Rhythm Cessation in the Respiratory PreBötzinger Complex Due to Piecewise Cumulative Neuronal Deletions (eNeuro July/August 2015, 2(4) e0031-15.2015 1-19 (Kam & Josh)

Title Authors Journal Attention
Atoms of recognition in human and computer vision Shimon Ullman, Liav Assif, Ethan Fetaya, Daniel Harari PNAS
Functional network inference of the suprachiasmatic nucleus John H. Abel et al PNAS
Stimulus features coded by single neurons of a macaque body category selective patch Ivo D. Popivanova, Philippe G. Schyns, and Rufin Vogels PNAS
Primary motor and sensory cortical areas communicate via spatiotemporally coordinated networks at multiple frequencies Fritzie I. Arce-McShane, Callum F. Ross, Kazutaka Takahashi, Barry J. Sessle, and Nicholas G. Hatsopoulosa PNAS
Joint representation of translational and rotational components of optic flow in parietal cortex Adhira Sunkara, Gregory C. DeAngelis, and Dora E. Angelakia PNAS
The functional diversity of retinal ganglion cells in the mouse Tom Baden, Philipp Berens, Katrin Franke, Miroslav Román Rosón, Matthias Bethge & Thomas Euler Nature
Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search David Silver et al Nature
A neuronal circuit for colour vision based on rod–cone opponency Maximilian Joesch, Markus Meister Nature
Robust neuronal dynamics in premotor cortex during motor planning Nuo Li, Kayvon Daie, Karel Svoboda, Shaul Druckmann Nature
Principles underlying sensory map topography in primary visual cortex Jens Kremkow, Jianzhong Jin, Yushi Wang, Jose M. Alonso Nature
Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile human cerebral cortex Alexander G. Huth, Wendy A. de Heer, Thomas L. Griffiths, Frédéric E. Theunissen, Jack L. Gallant Nature
Demixed principal component analysis of neural population data Dmitry Kobak Wieland Brendel Christos Constantinidis Claudia E Feierstein Adam Kepecs Zachary F Mainen Ranulfo Romo Xue-Lian Qi Naoshige Uchida Christian K Machens eLife
Brain-wide mapping of neural activity controlling zebrafish exploratory locomotion Timothy W Dunn Yu Mu Sujatha Narayan Owen Randlett Eva A Naumann Chao-Tsung Yang Alexander F Schier Jeremy Freeman Florian Engert Misha B Ahrens eLife
Neural correlations enable invariant coding and perception of natural stimuli in weakly electric fish Michael G Metzen Volker Hofmann Maurice J Chacron eLife
A simple generative model of the mouse mesoscale connectome Sid Henriksen Rich Pang Mark Wronkiewicz eLife
Mixed-mode oscillations and population bursting in the pre-Bötzinger complex Bartholomew J Bacak Taegyo Kim Jeffrey C Smith Jonathan E Rubin Ilya A Rybak eLife
Dendritic nonlinearities are tuned for efficient spike-based computations in cortical circuits Balázs B Ujfalussy Judit K Makara Tiago Branco Máté Lengyel eLife
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Multiplicative and Additive Modulation of Neuronal Tuning with Population Activity Affects Encoded Information Iñigo Arandia-Romero, Seiji Tanabe, Jan Drugowitsch, Adam Kohn, Rubén Moreno-Bote Neuron
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20 May 2014

Title Authors Journal Attention

Inhibition Causes Ceaseless Dynamics in Networks of Excitable Nodes Daniel B. Larremore,1,2 Woodrow L. Shew,3 Edward Ott,4 Francesco Sorrentino,5 and Juan G. Restrepo6 PRL

Origin of Peer Influence in Social Networks Flávio L. Pinheiro,1,2,3 Marta D. Santos,4 Francisco C. Santos,3,1 and Jorge M. Pacheco5,6,1 PRL

Pseudolikelihood Decimation Algorithm Improving the Inference of the Interaction Network in a General Class of Ising Models Aurélien Decelle1 and Federico Ricci-Tersenghi1 PRL

Balanced Neural Architecture and the Idling Brain Brent Doiron and Ashok Litwin-Kumar Frontiers CN
State Dependence of Noise Correlations in Macaque Primary Visual Cortex Ecker A, Berens P, ....., Tolias A Neuron All
Structured Connectivity in Cerebellar Inhibitory Networks Rieubland S, Roth A, & Haeusser M Neuron Yu
Hippocampal Activity Patterns Carry Information about Objects in Temporal Context Hsieh L, Gruber M, Jenkins L, & Ranganath C Neuron Joel
CA1 cell activity sequences emerge after reorganization of network correlation structure during associative learning Modie M, Dhawale A, & Bhalla U eLIFE Joel
Selective Tuning for Contrast in Macaque Area V4 Sani I, Santandrea E, Golzar A, Morrone MC, & Chelazzi L J Neurosci Tim
Balanced Cortical Microcircuitry for Spatial Working Memory Based on Corrective Feedback Control Lim S & Goldman M J Neurosci

20 Nov 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention

Synaptic Plasticity in Neural Networks Needs Homeostasis with a Fast Rate Detector Friedemann Zenke, Guillaume Hennequin, Wulfram Gerstner PLoS CB Yoni, Alex, Tim, others (?)

A Complex-Valued Firing-Rate Model That Approximates the Dynamics of Spiking Networks Shaffer, Ostojic, Abbott PLoS CB Guillaume, Kam, others (?)
Cellular Adaptation Facilitates Sparse and Reliable Coding in Sensory Pathways Farzad Farkhooi, Anja Froese, Eilif Muller, Randolf Menzel, Martin P. Nawrot PLoS CB Ali, Braden, Joel, Yu, Alex
Dynamical Adaptation in Photoreceptors Clark, Benichou, Meister, da Silveira PLoS CB Ali, Braden, Joel, Yu (?), Alex
Distal connectivity causes summation and division across mouse visual cortex Tatsuo K Sato, Michael Häusser & Matteo Carandini Nature Neuro Alex, Joel
Predictive Coding of Dynamical Variables in Balanced Spiking Networks Boerlin, Machens, Deneve PLoS CB All or most, esp. Mike S

19 Nov 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Do Finite-Size Lyapunov Exponents Detect Coherent Structures? Daniel Karrasch, George Haller ArXiv Guillaume, Eric
Analog and digital codes in the brain Yasuhiro Mochizuk, Shigeru Shinomoto ArXiv ALL
Linear stability of pulse-coupled neurons Simona Olmi, Antonio Politi, Alessandro Torcini ArXiv

When and Why Noise Correlations Are Important in Neural Decoding Eyherabide HG, Samengo I J Neurosci ALL

Generalized activity equations for spiking neural network dynamics Michael A. Buice1 and Carson C. Chow2* Frontiers Comp Neuro

A unified view on weakly correlated recurrent networks Dmytro Grytskyy1*, Tom Tetzlaff1, Markus Diesmann1,2 and Moritz Helias1 Frontiers Comp Neuro

An exploration of graph metric reproducibility in complex brain networks Qawi K. Telesford1*, Jonathan H. Burdette2 and Paul J. Laurienti2 Frontiers Comp Neuro

Propagating synchrony in feed-forward networks Sven Jahnke1,2,3*, Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer4 and Marc Timme1,2,3 Frontiers Comp Neuro

Defining nodes in complex brain networks Matthew L. Stanley1*, Malaak N. Moussa1, Brielle Paolini1, Robert G. Lyday1, Jonathan H. Burdette1* and Paul J. Laurienti1 Frontiers Comp Neuro

Multiscale codes in the nervous system: The problem of noise correlations and the ambiguity of periodic scales Alexander Mathis*, Andreas V. M. Herz, and Martin B. Stemmler PRE

Complete Classification of the Macroscopic Behavior of a Heterogeneous Network of Theta Neurons Tanushree B. Luke, Ernest Barreto, Paul So Neuro Comp
What Is the Limit of Redundancy Reduction with Divisive Normalization? Fabian H. Sinz, Matthias Bethge Neuro Comp
Scaling Laws of Associative Memory Retrieval Sandro Romani, Itai Pinkoviezky, Alon Rubin, Misha Tsodyks Neuro Comp
A Biological Gradient Descent for Prediction Through a Combination of STDP and Homeostatic Plasticity Mathieu N. Galtier, Gilles Wainrib Neuro Comp
Constructing Noise-Invariant Representations of Sound in the Auditory Pathway Neil C. Rabinowitz, Ben D. B. Willmore, Andrew J. King, Jan W. H. Schnupp PLoS Biol
High-throughput imaging of neuronal activity in Caenorhabditis elegans Johannes Larsch, Donovan Ventimiglia, Cornelia I. Bargmann, and Dirk R. Albrecht PNAS
A universal strategy for visually guided landing Emily Baird, Norbert Boeddeker, Michael R. Ibbotson, and Mandyam V. Srinivasan PNAS
Spike timing-dependent selective strengthening of single climbing fibre inputs to Purkinje cells during cerebellar development Yoshinobu Kawamura, Hisako Nakayama, Kouichi Hashimoto, Kenji Sakimura, Kazuo Kitamura & Masanobu Kano Nature Communications (open access)
File:Ncomms3698 predictive codes of familiarity and context Apps Tsakiris.pdf - "Predictive codes of familiarity and context during

the perceptual learning of facial identities" (File:Ncomms3698 predictive codes of familiarity and context Apps Tsakiris SI.pdf - SI)

Matthew A.J. Apps & Manos Tsakiris Nature Communications
File:Ncomms3733 Stratonovich to Ito transition in noisy systems.pdf - "Stratonovich-to-Itoˆ transition in noisy systems

with multiplicative feedback" (File:Ncomms3733 Stratonovich to Ito transition in noisy systems SI.pdf - SI)

Giuseppe Pesce, Austin McDaniel, Scott Hottovy, Jan Wehr & Giovanni Volpe Nature Communications Anyone doing Stochastic DEs

8 Oct 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention

Eigenvalue Spectra of Modular Networks Tiago P. Peixoto PRL

Forebrain Engraftment by Human Glial Progenitor Cells Enhances Synaptic Plasticity and Learning in Adult Mice X. Han, ..., S. Goldman, M. Nedergaard Cell Stem Cell
Neuroscience: Map the other brain R. Douglas Fields Nature ALL
Dynamic Tuning of Electrical and Chemical Synaptic Transmission in a Network of Motion Coding Retinal Neurons Trenholm, McLaughlin, Schwab, & Awatramani J Neurosci Joel
Effects of Cellular Homeostatic Intrinsic Plasticity on Dynamical and Computational Properties of Biological Recurrent Neural Networks Naude, Cessac, Berry, & Delord J Neurosci
A Predictive Network Model of Cerebral Cortical Connectivity Based on a Distance Rule Ercsey-Ravasz, Markov, Lamy, Van Essen, Knoblauch, Toroczkai, & Kennedy Neuron Yu
The First Stage of Cardinal Direction Selectivity Is Localized to the Dendrites of Retinal Ganglion Cells Yonehara, Farrow, Ghanem, ... Roska Neuron Joel

Synaptic Input Correlations Leading to Membrane Potential Decorrelation of Spontaneous Activity in Cortex Graupner & Reyes J Neurosci
Informational Basis of Sensory Adaptation: Entropy and Single-Spike Efficiency in Rat Barrel Cortex Adibi, Clifford, & Arabzadeh J Neurosci
Interacting Linear and Nonlinear Characteristics Produce Population Coding Asymmetries between ON and OFF Cells in the Retina Nichols, Nirenberg, & Victor J Neurosci Ali, Braden

13 Aug 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention

The importance of mixed selectivity in complex cognitive tasks Mattia Rigotti, Omri Barak, Melissa R. Warden, Xiao-Jing Wang, Nathaniel D. Daw, Earl K. Miller & Stefano Fusi Nature

Structural and molecular interrogation of intact biological systems Kwanghun Chung et al Nature

The correlation structure of local cortical networks intrinsically results from recurrent dynamics Moritz Helias, Tom Tetzlaff, Markus Diesmann Arxiv

Motifs in triadic random graphs based on Steiner triple systems Marco Winkler* and Jörg Reichardt† PRE

Creating a False Memory in the Hippocampus Steve Ramirez,...,Susumu Tonegawa Science

Opening the Black Box: Low-Dimensional Dynamics in High-Dimensional Recurrent Neural Networks David Sussillo, Omri Barak Neural Comp.

Double-Gabor Filters Are Independent Components of Small Translation-Invariant Image Patches Saeed Saremi, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Tatyana O. Sharpee Neural Comp.
Emergence of Optimal Decoding of Population Codes Through STDP Stefan Habenschuss, Helmut Puhr, Wolfgang Maass Neural Comp.
Randomly Connected Networks Have Short Temporal Memory Edward Wallace, Hamid Reza Maei, Peter E. Latham Neural Comp.
Dynamics of Multiple-Choice Decision Making Hongzhi You, Da-Hui Wang Neural Comp.

12 Aug 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Neural coding of taste by simultaneously recorded cells in the nucleus of the solitary tract of the rat Andrew M. Rosen and Patricia M. Di Lorenzo Neurophys.
Effects of spatiotemporal stimulus properties on spike timing correlations in owl monkey primary somatosensory cortex Jamie L. Reed, Pierre Pouget, Hui-Xin Qi, Zhiyi Zhou, Melanie R. Bernard, Mark J. Burish, and Jon H. Kaas Neurophys.
Dynamics of high-frequency synchronization during seizures Giri P. Krishnan, Gregory Filatov, and Maxim Bazhenov Neurophys.
Representation of tactile curvature in macaque somatosensory area 2 Jeffrey M. Yau, Charles E. Connor, and Steven S. Hsiao Neurophys.
Binocular integration and disparity selectivity in mouse primary visual cortex Benjamin Scholl, Johannes Burge, and Nicholas J. Priebe Neurophys.
Method for stationarity-segmentation of spike train data with application to the Pearson cross-correlation Claudio S. Quiroga-Lombard, Joachim Hass, and Daniel Durstewitz Neurophys
Compressive spatial summation in human visual cortex Kendrick N. Kay, Jonathan Winawer, Aviv Mezer, and Brian A. Wandell Neurophys.
Intracortical multiplication of thalamocortical signals in mouse auditory cortex Li, Li, Zhou, Tao, Zhang NN All (?)

Robust timing and motor patterns by taming chaos in recurrent neural networks Laje, Buonamono NN Guillaume

Synaptic mechanisms of adaptation and sensitization in the retina Nikolaev, Leung, Odermatt, Lagnado NN Ali, Joel

Temporal whitening by power-law adaptation in neocortical neurons Pozzorini, Naud, Mensi, Gerstner NN Tim, Joel
Olfactory cortical neurons read out a relative time code in the olfactory bulb Haddad, Lanjuin, Madisen, Zeng, Murthy, Uchida NN Yu, Joel

A functional and perceptual signature of the second visual area in primates Freeman, Ziemba, Heeger, Simoncelli, Movshon NN Tim
Sublinear integration underlies binocular processing in primary visual cortex Longordo, To, Ikeda, Stuart NN Alex, Joel

Successful Reconstruction of a Physiological Circuit with Known Connectivity from Spiking Activity Alone Gerhard, Kispersky, Gutierrez, Marder, Kramer, Eden PLoS CB All

Inferring Nonlinear Neuronal Computation Based on Physiologically Plausible Inputs MacFarland, Cui, Butts PLoS CB Alex, Joel, others (?)

Are V1 Simple Cells Optimized for Visual Occlusions? A Comparative Study Bornschein, Henniges, Lucke PLoS CB Tim, Joel

23 July 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention

High-Fidelity Coding with Correlated Neurons Rava Azeredo da Silveira and Michael J. Berry II arxiv Yu, Joel
A unified view on weakly correlated recurrent networks Luis Carlos Garcidel Molino, Khashayar Pakdaman, Jonathan Touboul, and Gilles Wainrib arxiv Yu, Joel
[ Disorder levels and synchronization in random balanced networks] Dmytro Grytskyy, Tom Tetzlaff, Markus Diesmann, Moritz Helias arxiv Guillaume
Optimal channel efficiency in a sensory network Thiago S. Mosqueiro* and Leonardo P. Maia† PRE Alex, Yoni

Detecting shapes in noise: tuning characteristics of global shape mechanisms Gunnar Schmidtmann*, Gael E. Gordon, David M. Bennett and Gunter Loffler* Frontiers CompNeuro Tim

Population Code, Noise Correlations, and Memory Frederic E. Theunissen and Julie E. Elie Neuron

Associative Learning Enhances Population Coding by Inverting Interneuronal Correlation Patterns James M. Jeanne,Tatyana O. Sharpee,Timothy Q. Gentner Neuron

A Motion Direction Preference Map in Monkey V4 Peichao Li,Shude Zhu,Ming Chen,Chao Han,Haoran Xu,Jiaming Hu,Yang Fang,Haidong D. Lu Neuron Tim

The Fine Structure of Shape Tuning in Area V4 Anirvan S. Nandysend,Tatyana O. Sharpee, John H. Reynolds,Jude F. Mitchell Neuron Tim
Neuronal Avalanches in the Resting MEG of the Human Brain Oren Shriki, Jeff Alstott, Frederick Carver, Tom Holroyd, Richard N.A. Henson, Marie L. Smith, Richard Coppola, Edward Bullmore, and Dietmar Plenz J Neurosci Alex

05 March 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Reading and Writing the Neural Code Garrett Stanley (review paper) Nature Neuro Attn: ALL

Inferring decoding strategies from choice probabilities in the presence of correlated variability Haefner, Gerwinn, Macke, Bethge Nature Neuro Attn: JZ, ACG, YH, ETSB
Lag normalization in an electrically coupled neural network Trehnholm, Shwab, Balasubramanian, Awatramani Nature Neuro Attn: GL
[ The organization of two new cortical interneuronal


Jiang, Wong, Lee, Stornetta, Zhu Nature Neuro Attn: JZ, TO, MS
Cortico-cortical projections in mouse visual cortex are functionally target specific Glickfield, Andermann, Bonin, Reid Nature Neuro Attn: JZ, TO, MS, ETSB
Layer-specific excitatory circuits differentially control recurrent network dynamics in the neocortex Beltramo et al. Nature Neuro Attn: ALL
Long-term modification of cortical synapses improves sensory perception Froemke et al. Nature Neuro Attn: JZ, MS, TO
Optimal Properties of Analog Perceptrons with Excitatory Weights CLopath and Brunel PLoS CB Attn: JZ (and others?)
Pairwise Analysis Can Account for Network Structures Arising from Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity Babadi and Abbott PLoS CB Attn: ALL

Emergent Sensing of Complex Environments by Mobile Animal Groups Berdahl... Couzin Science Attn: ALL***

Neural variability, or lack thereof Timothée Masquelier Frontiers Comp Neuro

Simulation of stochastic network dynamics via entropic matching Tiago Ramalho1,*, Marco Selig2, Ulrich Gerland1, and Torsten A. Enßlin2 PRE

19 Feb 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Impact of intrinsic biophysical diversity on the activity of spiking neurons Man Yi Yim, Ad Aertsen, Stefan Rotter PRE

5 Feb 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Retinal Metric: A Stimulus Distance Measure Derived from Population Neural Responses Gašper Tkačik1,*, Einat Granot-Atedgi2, Ronen Segev3, and Elad Schneidman2,† PRL

29 Jan 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Higher Order Correlations within Cortical Layers Dominate Functional Connectivity in Microcolumns Urs K\"oster and Jascha Sohl-Dickstein and Charles M. Gray and Bruno A. Olshausen ArXiv Joel, Alex

Dynamics and spike trains statistics in conductance-based Integrate-and-Fire neural networks with chemical and electric synapses Rodrigo Cofr\'e and Bruno Cessac ArXiv All
Statistical modelling of higher-order correlations in pools of neural activity Fernando Montani, Elena Phoka, Mariela Portesi, Simon R. Schultz ArXiv Joel, Alex

Dynamic finite size effects in spiking neural networks Micheal Buice and Carson Chow PLoS CB Guillaume

How sensitive is the human visual system to the local statistics of natural images Holly Gerhard, Felix Wichmann and Mathias Bethge PLoS CB Tim
The effects of temperature on the stability of a neuronal oscillator Anatoly Rinberg, Adam Taylor, Eve Marder PLoS CB All **
Orthogonal microorganization of orientation and spatial frequency in primate primary visual cortex Ian Nauhaus, Kristina Nielsen, and Edward Callaway NN Tim
Integrate and fire neural networks, piecewise contractive maps and limit cycles Eleonora Catsigeras, Pierre Guiraud J. Math Biol.
Generalized spin models for coupled cortical feature maps obtained by coarse graining correlation based synaptic learning rules Peter J. Thomas, Jack D. Cowan J. Math Biol.
Neural Activity during Natural Viewing of Sesame Street Statistically Predicts Test Scores in Early Childhood Jessica F. Cantlon, Rosa Li PLOS Biology

8 Jan 2013

Title Authors Journal Attention
Inhibition dominates sensory responses in the awake cortex Bilal Haider, Michael Häusser, & Matteo Carandini Nature
Nonlinear dendritic integration of sensory and motor input during an active sensing task Nature
[ Human seizures self-terminate across spatial scales

via a critical transition]

Mark A. Kramer, Wilson Truccolo, Uri T. Eden, Kyle Q. Lepage, Leigh R. Hochberg, Emad N. Eskandar, Joseph R. Madsen, Jong W. Lee, Atul Maheshwari, Eric Halgren, Catherine J. Chu, and Sydney S. Cash PNAS
Multitasking Associative Networks Elena Agliari1,2, Adriano Barra3, Andrea Galluzzi3, Francesco Guerra3,4, and Francesco Moauro3 PRL
Statistical Thermodynamics of Natural Images Greg J. Stephens*, Thierry Mora†, Gašper Tkačik‡, and William Bialek PRL

4 Dec 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
A map of visual space in the primate entorhinal cortex NJ Killian, MJ Jutras, EA Buffalo Nature

Neuroscience Fiction G Marcus New Yorker
A Large-Scale Model of the Functioning Brain C Eliasmith, TC Stewart, X Choo, T Bekolay, T DeWolf, Y Tang, D Rasmussen Science
Averaging principle for second-order approximation of heterogeneous models with homogeneous models G Fibich, A Gavious, E Solan PNAS

27 Nov 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Time scales of memory, learning, and plasticity C Tetzlaff, C Kolodziejski, I Markelic, F Wörgötter Biological Cybernetics
Self-organized criticality in a network of interacting neurons J D Cowan, J Neuman, W van Drongelen arXiv
Spatio-temporal spike trains analysis for large scale networks using maximum entropy principle and Monte-Carlo method Hassan Nasser, Olivier Marre, Bruno Cessac arXiv
The simplest maximum entropy model for collective behavior in a neural network Gasper Tkacik, Olivier Marre arXiv
Potential mechanisms for imperfect synchronization in parkinsonian basal ganglia Choongseok Park, Leonid Rubchinsky arXiv
Correlated input reveals coexisting coding schemes in a sensory cortex Luc Estebanez, Sami El Boustani Nature Neuroscience
Critical-State Dynamics of Avalanches and Oscillations Jointly Emerge from Balanced Excitation/Inhibition in Neuronal Networks Simon-Shlomo Poil1,*, Richard Hardstone J Neuroscience
Functional Connectivity and Tuning Curves in Populations of Simultaneously Recorded Neurons Ian Stevenson .... Konrad Kording PLoS CB Tim, Joel

Statistics of spike trains in conductance-based neural networks: Rigorous results Bruno Cessac J Math Neuro
Mean-field description and propagation of chaos in networks of Hodgkin-Huxley and FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons Javier Baladron1, Diego Fasoli1, Olivier Faugeras1,2* and Jonathan Touboul3,4,5,6 J Math Neuro
A Contraction Argument for Two-Dimensional Spiking Neuron Models Eric Foxall, Roderick Edwards, Slim Ibrahim, and P. van den Driessche SIADS
Noise-Induced Behaviors in Neural Mean Field Dynamics Jonathan Touboul, Geoffroy Hermann, and Olivier Faugeras SIADS
Single spikes may suffice Steven M. Chase Neurophys
Nearly Extensive Sequential Memory Lifetime Achieved by Coupled Nonlinear Neurons Taro Toyoizumi Neurocomp
The Shape of Phase-Resetting Curves in Oscillators with a Saddle Node on an Invariant Circle Bifurcation G. Bard Ermentrout, Leon Glass, Bart E. Oldeman Neurocomp
Dynamic Flux Tubes Form Reservoirs of Stability in Neuronal Circuits Michael Monteforte and Fred Wolf Phys. Review X
On the efficient calculation of van Rossum distances Conor Houghton Thomas Kreuz Network: Computation in Neural Systems
Learning stable, regularized latent model neural population dynamics Lars Buesing, Jakob H Macke, Maneesh Sahani Network: Computation in Neural Systems
Getting a handle on how the brain generates complexity Maximillian Riesenhuber Network: Competition in Neural Systems
A model of the response of visual area V2 combinations of orientations Alessio Plebe Network: Competition in Neural Systems

19 Nov 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Support vector machines for spike pattern classification with a leaky integrate-and-fire neuron Maxime Ambard1,2* and Stefan Rotter1,2 Frontiers Comput Neuro

Traveling pulses in a stochastic neural field model of direction selectivity Paul C. Bressloff* and Jeremy Wilkerson Frontiers Comput Neuro

Closed-loop optogenetic control of thalamus as a tool for interrupting seizures after cortical injury Jeanne T Paz, Thomas J Davidson, Eric S Frechette, Bruno Delord, Isabel Parada, Kathy Peng, Karl Deisseroth & John R Huguenard NN
Correlated input reveals coexisting coding schemes in a sensory cortex Luc Estebanez, Sami El Boustani, Alain Destexhe & Daniel E Shulz NN

Sensorimotor Learning Biases Choice Behavior: A Learning Neural Field Model for Decision Making Christian Klaes1,2#, Sebastian Schneegans3#, Gregor Schöner3, Alexander Gail1* PLoS CB
Efficient “Communication through Coherence” Requires Oscillations Structured to Minimize Interference between Signals Thomas E. Akam¤*, Dimitri M. Kullmann PLoS CB

Predictive Dynamics of Human Pain Perception Guillermo A. Cecchi1*, Lejian Huang2, Javeria Ali Hashmi2, Marwan Baliki2, María V. Centeno2, Irina Rish1, A. Vania Apkarian2* PLoS CB
Phasic Firing in Vasopressin Cells: Understanding Its Functional Significance through Computational Models Duncan J. MacGregor, Gareth Leng* PLoS CB
Spatially Pooled Contrast Responses Predict Neural and Perceptual Similarity of Naturalistic Image Categories Iris I. A. Groen1*, Sennay Ghebreab1,2, Victor A. F. Lamme1, H. Steven Scholte1 PLoS CB

22 October 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Extracting functionally feedforward networks from a population of spiking neurons Kathleen Vincent1, Joseph S. Tauskela2 and Jean-Philippe Thivierge1* Frontiers Comp Neuro
Fundamental limits on persistent activity in networks of noisy neurons Yoram Burak and Ila R. Fiete PNAS
Statistical connectivity provides a sufficient foundation for specific functional connectivity in neocortical neural microcircuits Sean L. Hill, Yun Wang, Imad Riachi, Felix Schürmann, and Henry Markram PNAS General
Anticipating Critical Transitions Marten Scheffer, Stephen R. Carpenter, Timothy M. Lenton, Jordi Bascompte, William Brock, Vasilis Dakos, Johan van de Koppel, Ingrid A. van de Leemput, Simon A. Levin, Egbert H. van Nes, Mercedes Pascual, John Vandermeer Science

15 October 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
The simplest maximum entropy model for collective behavior in a neural network Gasper Tkacik, Olivier Marre, Thierry Mora, Dario Amodei, Michael J. Berry II, William Bialek arxiv
Self-organized criticality in a network of interacting neurons J D Cowan, J Neuman, W van Drongelen arxiv
Critical brain dynamics at large scale Dante R. Chialvo* arxiv
Spatio-temporal spike trains analysis for large scale networks using maximum entropy principle and Monte-Carlo method Hassan Nasser, Olivier Marre, Bruno Cessac* arxiv
Population spikes in cortical networks during different functional states Shirley Mark and Misha Tsodyks* Frontiers Comp Neuro

Perception and self-organized instability Karl Friston1*, Michael Breakspear2 and Gustavo Deco3 Frontiers Comp Neuro

Complex dynamics in recurrent cortical networks based on spatially realistic connectivities N. Voges*† and L. Perrinet† Frontiers Comp Neuro
Slow dynamics and high variability in balanced cortical networks with clustered connections Ashok Litwin-Kumar & Brent Doiron Nature Neuroscience General
Analysis of Slow (Theta) Oscillations as a Potential Temporal Reference Frame for Information Coding in Sensory Cortices Christoph Kayser, Robin A. A. Ince, Stefano Panzeri PLoS CB General

8 October 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience Wulfram Gerstner, Henning Sprekeler, Gustavo Deco Science General
Closed-Loop Control of Epilepsy by Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Antal Berényi, Mariano Belluscio, Dun Mao, György Buzsáki Science General
Optimal isn’t good enough Gerald E. Loeb Biological Cybernetics General
Heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists Tim W. Fawcett and Andrew D. Higginson PNAS General
Scale invariance in the dynamics of spontaneous behavior Alex Proekt, Jayanth R. Banavar, Amos Maritan, and Donald W. Pfaff PNAS Alex
Branching with Local Probability as a Paradigm of Self-Organized Criticality Stefan Hergarten PRL Alex, Yoni
Macaque V1 representations in natural and reduced visual contexts: spatial and temporal properties and influence of saccadic eye movements Octavio Ruiz and Michael A. Paradiso Neurophys Tim
Sparse Coding on the Spot: Spontaneous Retinal Waves Suffice for Orientation Selectivity Jonathan J. Hunt, Michael Ibbotson, Geoffrey J. Goodhill Neuro Comp

5 July 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Learning Invariance from Natural Images Inspired by Observations in the Primary Visual Cortex Michael Teichmann, Jan Wiltschut, Fred Hamker NeuroComp Tim
On the Relation Between Encoding and Decoding of Neuronal Spikes Shinsuke Koyama NeuroComp
Fisher and Shannon Information in Finite Neural Populations Stuart Yarrow, Edward Challis, Peggy Seriès NeuroComp
Competition Through Selective Inhibitory Synchrony Ueli Rutishauser, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Rodney J. Douglas NeuroComp

26 June 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Computing with Neural Synchrony Romain Brette PLoS Comp Bio
Complementarity of Spike- and Rate-Based Dynamics of Neural Systems M. T. Wilson1*, P. A. Robinson2,3, B. O'Neill1, D. A. Steyn-Ross1 PLoS Comp Bio
Analysis of synaptic scaling in combination with Hebbian plasticity in several simple networks Christian Tetzlaff1,2,3*, Christoph Kolodziejski2,3,4, Marc Timme2,3,4 and Florentin Wörgötter1,3 Frontiers Comput Neuro Alex

12 June 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Optimal Heterogeneity for Coding in Spiking Neural Networks J. F. Mejias* and A. Longtin PRL

A Maximum Entropy Test for Evaluating Higher-Order Correlations in Spike Counts Arno Onken1,2*, Valentin Dragoi3, Klaus Obermayer1,2 PLoS Comp Bio Nick, Alex
Mean-field description and propagation of chaos in networks of Hodgkin-Huxley and FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons Javier Baladron, Diego Fasoli, Olivier Faugeras and Jonathan Touboul J Math Neuro
A Contraction Argument for Two-Dimensional Spiking Neuron Models Eric Foxall, Roderick Edwards, Slim Ibrahim, and P. van den Driessche SIADS
Criteria for robustness of heteroclinic cycles in neural microcircuits Peter Ashwin1*, Özkan Karabacak2 and Thomas Nowotny3 J Math Neuro
Thermodynamic Model of Criticality in the Cortex Based On EEG/ECOG Data Robert Kozma, Marko Puljic, Walter J. Freeman arXiv
Speed and accuracy in a visual motion discrimination task as performed by rats Pamela Reinagel, Emily Mankin, Adam Calhoun arXiv
Data Visualization in the Neurosciences: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality Elena A. Allen1, 2, , , Erik B. Erhardt1, 3 and Vince D. Calhoun1, 4 Neuron
Stimulus-dependent maximum entropy models of neural population codes Einat Granot-Atedgi, Gašper Tkačik, Ronen Segev, Elad Schneidman arXiv
Retinal metric: a stimulus distance measure derived from population neural responses Einat Granot-Atedgi, Gašper Tkačik, Ronen Segev, Elad Schneidman arXiv

22 May 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Universal Critical Dynamics in High Resolution Neuronal Avalanche Data Nir Friedman1, Shinya Ito2, Braden A. W. Brinkman1, Masanori Shimono2,5, R. E. Lee DeVille3, Karin A. Dahmen1, John M. Beggs2, and Thomas C. Butler4,* PRL Alex
Statistical Properties of Avalanches in Networks Daniel B. Larremore, Marshall Y. Carpenter, Edward Ott, Juan G. Restrepo arXiv Alex

15 May 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Quality and sustainability of software tools in neuroscience Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Robert Cannon arXiv
Population coding in sparsely connected networks of noisy neurons Bryan P. Tripp1* and Jeff Orchard Frontiers Comp Neuro
Recurrent coupling improves discrimination of temporal spike patterns Chun-Wei Yuan1* and Christian Leibold1,2 Frontiers Comp Neuro
Sensitivity of global network dynamics to local parameters versus motif structure in a cortexlike neuronal model E. Kopelowitz1,2, M. Abeles2, D. Cohen2, and I. Kanter1,2 PRE

1 May 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Decorrelation of neural-network activity by inhibitory feedback Amber Polk, Ashok Litwin-Kumar, and Brent Doiron PNAS All
Neuronal avalanches of a self-organized neural network with active-neuron-dominant structure Xiumin Li, Michael Small arXiv All
The balance between excitation and inhibition controls the temporal organization of neuronal avalanches F. Lombardi, H. J. Herrmann, C. Perrone-Capano, D. Plenz, L. de Arcangelis arXiv All

24 Apri 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Correlated neural variability in persistent state networks Tom Tetzlaff, Moritz Helias, Gaute T. Einevoll, Markus Diesmann arXiv Yu

17 Apri 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Statistics of spike trains in conductance-based neural networks: Rigorous results Bruno Cessac J Math Neuro
Bistability and Spatiotemporal Irregularity in Neuronal Networks with Nonlinear Synaptic Transmission Gianluigi Mongillo, David Hansel, and Carl van Vreeswijk PRL

10 Apri 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Emergent bursting and synchrony in computer simulations of neuronal cultures Niru Maheswaranathan1, Silvia Ferrari2, Antonius M. J. VanDongen3 and Craig S. Henriquez1 Frontiers Guillamue, Megan

03 Apri 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
A neurophysiological–metabolic model for burst suppression ShiNung Ching, Patrick L. Purdon, Sujith Vijayan, Nancy J. Kopell, and Emery N. Brown PNAS Guillaume
Relationships between spike-free local field potentials and spike timing in human temporal cortex Stavros Zanos, Theodoros P. Zanos, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, George A. Ojemann, and Eberhard E. Fetz J Neurophys
Learning Intermediate-Level Representations of Form and Motion from Natural Movies Charles F. Cadieu, Bruno A. Olshausen Neural Comp. Tim
Regularized Variational Bayesian Learning of Echo State Networks with Delay&Sum Readout Dmitriy Shutin, Christoph Zechner, Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, H. Vincent Poor Neural Comp. Alex
The Computational Power of Interactive Recurrent Neural Networks Jérémie Cabessa, Hava T. Siegelmann Neural Comp. Tim, Guillaume?
Rewiring-Induced Chaos in Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks Takashi Kanamaru, Kazuyuki Aihara Neural Comp. Dynamics
Ongoing Cortical Activity at Rest: Criticality, Multistability, and Ghost Attractors Gustavo Deco1,2 and Viktor K. Jirsa3 J Neuro Alex
Analysis of the stabilized supralinear network Daniel B. Rubin, Yashar Ahmadian, Kenneth D. Miller arXiv Dynamics
State-Space Analysis of Time-Varying Higher-Order Spike Correlation for Multiple Neural Spike Train Data Hideaki Shimazaki, Shun-ichi Amari, Emery N. Brown, Sonja Grün PLoS H.O.C
Effect of Nonstationarity on Models Inferred from Neural Data Joanna Tyrcha, Yasser Roudi, Matteo Marsili, John Hertz arXiv Correlations, Ising
Recurrent interactions in spiking networks with arbitrary topology Volker Pernice, Benjamin Staude, Stefano Cardanobile, and Stefan Rotter PRE Yu
Modulating the Precision of Recurrent Bursts in Cultured Neural Networks Joon Ho Choi, June Hoan Kim, Ryoun Heo, and Kyoung J. Lee* PRL
Olfactory sensor processing in neural networks: lessons from modeling the fruit fly antennal lobe J. Henning Proske, Marco Wittmann and C. Giovanni Galizia* Neuroeng.

06 March 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Enhancing synchrony in chaotic oscillators by dynamic relaying R Banerjee et al PRE
Canards of mixed type in a neural burster M. Desroches1, J. Burke, T. J. Kaper, and M. A. Kramer PRE Guillaume and Megan
Thalamic control of cortical states Poulet, Fernandez, Crochet, & Petersen Nature Neuroscience Guillaume and Megan
Paradoxical Evidence Integration in Rapid Decision Processes Rüter, Marcille, Sprekeler, Gerstner, Herzog PLOS Comp Bio Nick
Mechanisms underlying cortical activity during value guided choice Hunt, Kolling, Soltani, Woolrich, Rushworth & Behrens Nature Neuroscience Nick

21 February 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Neural population densities shape network correlations Jérémie Lefebvre and Theodore J. Perkins PRE
The Ising decoder: reading out the activity of large neural ensembles Michael T. Schaub · Simon R. Schultz J Comp Neuro Alex, David
Theory of correlation in a network with synaptic depression Yasuhiko Igarashi, Masafumi Oizumi, and Masato Okada PRE Alex, David
Separate Prefrontal-Subcortical Circuits Mediate Different Components of Risk-Based Decision Making J Neurosci Nick
Emergence of Stable Functional Networks in Long-Term Human Electroencephalography Catherine J. Chu, Mark A. Kramer et al. J Neurosci Guillaume
Gain control by layer six in cortical circuits of vision Shawn R. Olsen, Dante S. Bortone, Hillel Adesnik & Massimo Scanziani Nature All
Fractal-based Correlation Analysis for Resting State Functional Connectivity of the Rat Brain in Functional MRI Wonsang You, Joerg Stadler arXiv q-bio Alex, David
A showcase of torus canards in neuronal bursters John Burke, Mathieu Desroches, Anna M Barry, Tasso J Kaper and Mark A Kramer J Math Neuro Alex, David

14 February 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Critical truths about power laws Stumpf, Porter Science
Diffusion laws in dendritic spines Holcman, Schuss J. Math Neuro Pedro
Criteria for robustness of heteroclinic cycles in neural microcircuits Ashwin, Karabacak, Nowortny J. Math Neuro Guillaume
Cross-species studies of orbitofrontal cortex and value-based decision-making Jonathan D Wallis Nature Neuroscience Nick
Effect on information transfer of synaptic pruning driven by spike-timing-dependent plasticity Ren et al, at Peking University PRE
An astrocyte TRP switch for inhibition Laura E Clarke & David Attwell Nature Neuroscience All
Ribbon synapses compute temporal contrast and encode luminance in retinal rod bipolar cells NW Oesch & JS Diamond Nature Neuroscience Tim
Subthalamic nucleus stimulation reverses mediofrontal influence over decision threshold JF Cavanagh, Nature Neuroscience Guillaume, Megan

07 February 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention
Interrelating anatomical, effective, and functional brain connectivity using propagators and neural field theory PRE
Cellular and circuit mechanisms maintain low spike co-variability and enhance population coding in somatosensory cortex C. Ly, B. Dorion Frontiers Comp Neuro

31 January 2012

Title Authors Journal Attention

Locally Synchronized Synaptic Inputs Takahashi, Kitamura, Matsuo, Mayford, Kano, Matsuki, Ikegaya Science Pedro
Inhibitory Plasticity Balances Excitation and Inhibition in Sensory Pathways and Memory Networks Vogels, Sprekeler, Zenke, Clopath, Gerstner Science All
The What and Where of Adding Channel Noise to Hodgkin and Huxley Goldwyn and Shea-Brown PLOS compbio All
Significance of Input Correlations in Striatal Function Man Yi Yim, Ad Aertsen, Arvind Kumar PLOS compbio All
Sparse Gamma Rhythms Arising through Clustering in Adapting Neuronal Networks Zachary P. Kilpatrick, Bard Ermentrout PLOS compbio
Balanced Synaptic Input Shapes the Correlation between Neural Spike Trains Litwin-Kumar, Oswald, Urban, Doiron PLOS compbio
Probabilistic Inference in General Graphical Models through Sampling in Stochastic Networks of Spiking Neurons Dejan Pecevski, Lars Buesing, Wolfgang Maass PLOS compbio
Balancing Feed-Forward Excitation and Inhibition via Hebbian Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity Yotam Luz, Maoz Shamir PLOS compbio
Membrane Properties and the Balance between Excitation and Inhibition Control Gamma-Frequency Oscillations Arising from Feedback Inhibition Michael N. Economo, John A. White PLOS compbio
Failure of Adaptive Self-Organized Criticality during Epileptic Seizure Attacks Meisel1, Storch, Hallmeyer-Elgner, Bullmore, Gross PLOS compbio Alex

1 November 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention

Inferring network dynamics and neuron properties from population recordings Mattia, Linaro, Storace Frontiers - Computational Neuroscience Eli
Representation of Dynamical Stimuli in Populations of Threshold Neurons Tatjana Tchumatchenko, Fred Wolf PLOS - Computational Biology Eli
A First Attempt to Bring Computational Biology into Advanced High School Biology Classrooms Gallegher...Goldberg, CU Boulder PLOS - Computational Biology All
Brain Rhythms Reveal a Hierarchical Network Organization Steinke and Galan PLOS - Computational Biology cool?
Model Cortical Association Fields Account for the Time Course and Dependence on Target Complexity of Human Contour Perception Gintautas...Kenyon PLOS - Computational Biology Tim
Coexistence of Lateral and Co-Tuned Inhibitory Configurations in Cortical Networks Levy and Reyes PLOS - Computational Biology

12 September 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention

Behavioural improvements with thalamic stimulation after severe traumatic brain injury Schiff,...Rezai Nature All
In vivo Conditions Induce Faithful Encoding of Stimuli by Reducing Nonlinear Synchronization in Vestibular Sensory Neurons Schneider, Cullun, Chacron PLoS Computational Biology noise, in vitro/in vivo

23 August 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention

Alterations in Brain Connectivity Underlying Beta Oscillations in Parkinsonism Moran, Brown PLoS Comp Bio Guillaume, Megan
Measuring and interpreting neuronal correlations Cohen, Kohn Nat Rev Nsci Yu, Alex, Nick!!
Insights from a Simple Expression for Linear Fisher Information in a Recurrently Connected Population of Spiking Neurons Beck, Bejjanki, Pouget Neural Computation Everyone?
Diffusive Information Accumulation by Minimal Recurrent Neural Models of Decision Making Smith, McKenzie Neural Computation Nick
Traveling Bumps and Their Collisions in a Two-Dimensional Neural Field Lu, Sato, Amari Neural Computation Eli, Nathan, Pedro
Mechanisms That Modulate the Transfer of Spiking Correlations Rosenbaum, Josic Neural Computation Eric
Integration of Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Decision-Making Theories of the Basal Ganglia Bogacz, Larsen Neural Computation Nick, Guillaume, Eric
Suitability of V1 Energy Models for Object Classification Bergstra, Bengio, Louradour Neural Computation Tim

2 August 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Explosive Percolation Is Continuous Riordan, Warnke Science Alex, Eric
Neural and computational mechanisms of postponed decisions Martinez-Garcia, Rolls, Deco, Romo PNAS Nick
Separating intrinsic from extrinsic fluctuations in dynamic biological systems Hilfinger, Paulsson PNAS General

27 June 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Synchronization from second order network connectivity statistics Liqiong Zhao, Bryce Beverlin, Tay Netoff, Duane Q. Nykamp Frontiers Yu
Sustained activity in hierarchical modular neural networks: self-organized criticality and oscillations Sheng-Jun Wang, Claus Hilgetag and Changsong Zhou Frontiers Alex
Robust transient dynamics and brain functions Mikhail Rabinovich, Pablo Varona Frontiers Guillame
Selective Attention from Voluntary Control of Neurons in Prefrontal Cortex Schafer, Moore Science General
Improving model fidelity and sensitivity for complex systems through empirical information theory Majda, Gershgorin PNAS Eric, Andrea

21 June 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Sparse low-order interaction network underlies a highly correlated and learnable neural population code Ganmor, Segev, Schneidman PNAS Eric, Andrea
NMDA-Induced Burst Firing in a Model Subthalamic Nucleus Neuron Kubota, Rubin J Neurophysiol Eric, Guillaume
Inter-spike interval distributions of spiking neurons driven by fluctuating inputs Ostojic J Neurophysiol Mike

7 June 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Neurobiologically Realistic Determinants of Self-Organized Criticality in Networks of Spiking Neurons Rubinov, Sporns, Thivierge, Breakspear PLoS Comput Biol Alex

30 May 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
How structure determines correlations in neuronal networks Pernice, Staude, Cardanobile, Rotter PLoS Comput Biol Eric, Yu

17 May 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
On Numerical Simulations of Integrate-and-Fire Neural Networks Hansel, Mato, Meunier, Neltner Neural Computation Alex, Eric
Control desk for the neural switchboard NY Times General interest

10 May 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Inter-spike interval distributions of spiking neurons driven by fluctuating inputs Srdjan Ostojic J Neurophysiol
Impact of Fast Sodium Channel Inactivation on Spike Threshold Dynamics and Synaptic Integration Platkiewicz and Brette PLoS Comp Bio
Temporal coding in a nervous system Zane N. Aldworth, Alexander G. Dimitrov, Graham I. Cummins, Tomáš Gedeon, John P. Miller PLoS Comp Bio

3 May 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Quantifying the Relative Contributions of Divisive and Subtractive Feedback to Rhythm Generation Tabak, Rinzel, Bertram PLoS Comp Bio
Minimum Information About a Simulation Experiment (MIASE) Waltemath et al PLoS Comp Bio
Designing optimal stimuli to control neuronal spike timing Tehrani, Packer, Yuste, Paninski J Neurophysiol
Sparse coding in striate and extrastriate visual cortex Willmore, Mazer, Gallant J Neurophysiol

19 April 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Timescale-dependent shaping of correlation by olfactory bulb lateral inhibition Sonya Giridhar, Brent Doiron, and Nathaniel N. Urban PNAS
In vivo conditions influence the coding of stimulus features by bursts of action potentials Oscar Avila Akerberg and Maurice J. Chacron J. Comp. Neuro Guillaume, Eric
The capabilities and limitations of conductance-based compartmental neuron models with reduced branched or unbranched morphologies and active dendrites Eric B. Hendrickson, Jeremy R. Edgerton and Dieter Jaeger J. Comp. Neuro Mike, Adrienne
Special Issue on Methods of Information Theory Guest Editors: Alexander G. Dimitrov, Aurel Lazar and Jonathan Victorr J. Comp. Neuro

5 April 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Two-Dimensional Bumps in Piecewise Smooth Neural Fields with Synaptic Depression Paul C. Bressloff and Zachary P. Kilpatrick SIAM Applied Math Eli, Nathan, Pedro
Minimal Models of Multidimensional Computations Fitzgerald, Sincich, Sharpee PLoS Comp Bio Adrienne, Mike
A Granger Causality Measure for Point Process Models of Ensemble Neural Spiking Activity Kim, Putrino, Ghosh, Brown PLoS Comp Bio Eric
Activation of subthalamic neurons by contralateral subthalamic deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease Walker et al J Neurophysiol Guillaume, Eric

15 March 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Dimension Reduction and Dynamics of a Spiking Neural Network Model for Decision Making under Neuromodulation Philip Eckhoff, KongFatt Wong-Lin, and Philip Holmes SIADS Nick

8 March 2011

Title Authors Journal Attention
Spike-Based Population Coding and Working Memory Boerlin and Deneve PLoS Comp Bio General
Visual Stimulation Decorrelates Neuronal Activity Oram J Neurophysiol Eric, Andrea
Synaptic Plasticity and Connectivity Requirements to Produce Stimulus-Pair Specific Responses in Recurrent Networks of Spiking Neurons Bourjaily and Miller PLos Comp Bio General
Power-Law Input-Output Transfer Functions Explain the Contrast-Response and Tuning Properties of Neurons in Visual Cortex Persi et al PLoS Comp Bio General

8 February 2011

25 January 2011


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