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Pre-Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology


*last updated:  06/04

Pre-Doctoral Internship
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Intern Orientation

 During the first month, all interns are introduced to the primary activities of the Counseling Center.

 Goals of Orientation

  • to introduce interns to the staff and to interact individually with each staff member
  • to give interns important information on Center operations
  • to meet with members of various departments within the Division of Student Affairs as a way of learning more about the overall context within which the Counseling Center operates
  • to allow time to set up offices
  • to provide an opportunity for interns to get to know each other
  • to allow time for interns to assess their professional growth needs and determine learning goals can be achieved

 During orientation, interns also begin to be involved in didactic/experiential seminars to prepare them to work with clients at our Center.