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Mission Statement

The Counseling Center, acting in support of the academic and student development missions of the University of Washington and the Division of Student Affairs, is committed to the triad of service, training, and research.

The Counseling Center applies the skills of education, counseling, and psychology with the highest degree of professional competence and commitment to facilitate the academic, career, and personal development of students, and to intervene in psychological crises at the University. In order to accomplish this mission, the Center provides a full range of psychological and counseling services including; individual personal counseling, career counseling, academic skills enhancement, career and personality testing, group therapy, outreach programming, and crisis intervention.

The Counseling Center staff also make educational presentations, consult with faculty members regarding student problems, and make referrals to community agencies.

Finally, the Counseling Center engages in applied research and evaluation activities that focus on counseling processes and outcomes, and on the evaluation and development of Counseling Center services and programs.

Clientele Served

Students representing a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds are seen at the Center. Many of the students present with a variety of symptoms and syndromes including affective disorders, relationship problems, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and some with more long-standing psychological disturbances. Additionally, many students seeking services at the Counseling Center present with developmental problems typical of a college student population.

Practicum Program Description

The practicum program provides supervised training and experience in individual counseling. Practicum students counsel clients who primarily present with adjustment disorders, affective disorders, relationship problems, and/or transitional and developmental problems.  Practicum students should expect that the bulk, or perhaps all, of their experience will be in individual therapy.

Practicum counselors receive one hour of individual supervision and one and a half hours of group supervision. During the first two weeks of the placement, Practicum Counselors participate in an extensive two-week orientation. During this orientation, students are given an overview of the agency policies and procedures and a review of ethical/legal issues and responsibilities. Didactic instruction in the areas of crisis intervention and short-term psychotherapy is also provided during the orientation period.

Practicum Counselors are matched with senior staff members, who supervise their work during the first half of the placement. During the second half of the practicum placement, the Practicum Counselors are supervised by predoctoral psychology interns, who in turn are supervised by a licensed psychologist. Audio and/or videotaping of all client sessions is required, and review of the tapes is an important part of supervision. This 2005-2006 practicum involves an 11-month commitment beginning September 28, 2005 through August 18, 2006.

A practicum student's schedule will typically include the following:

Number of  Hours Per Week
Direct Service (Individual)
Individual Supervision
Group Supervision
Supervision Preparation
Case management
Group Tape Review


Each practicum student office contains videotape equipment and a computer with Internet and University of Washington library database access. Typically, each student has their own office.  However, shared office arrangements are made when schedules and space conflicts occur.

Qualifications and Application:

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a doctoral level counseling or clinical psychology program. They must have completed at least one year of graduate coursework in counseling including courses in counseling theory, psychopathology, counseling skills, ethics and the completion of the first year practicum placement.

To Apply:

1. Complete a Practicum Student Application.
2. Send a copy of your graduate transcripts.
3. Send a cover letter stating your reasons for applying to our program.
4. Send a current vita. 

5. Have your graduate program coordinator and previous clinical supervisors send letters supporting your application.

Beginning March 21, 2005, send all application materials to:

Chris S.Grant, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Director of Training
University of Washington
Counseling Center 
401 Schmitz Hall, Box 355830
Seattle, WA 98195-5830

Phone:  (206) 543-1240
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