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2004-2005  Interns in Professional Psychology
2004-2005 Practicum Counselors
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*Sara Dale, Psy.D.  (2003), Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.  Clinical Psychologist, License #3088 (WA).

*Chris S. Grant, Ph.D. (1998), University of Wisconsin, Associate Director/Director of Training and Counseling Psychologist, License #2423 (WA).

*M. Kathryn Hamilton, Ph.D. (1975), University of Missouri-Columbia.  Director and Counseling Psychologist, License # 1179 (WA).

*Heather Hopper, Ph.D. (1997), University of Miami.  Clinical Psychologist, License #3095 (WA).

*Michele S. Meola, Ed.D. (1988), Western Michigan University.  Counseling Psychologist, License #2273 (WA).

*Kimberly Petersen, M.A. (1997), Seattle University. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, #LH00008610 (WA). 

*Scott Shiebler, Ph.D. (2003), Seattle Pacific University; M.S.W (1989). Clinical Psychologist, License #3187 (WA); Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, License #LW0004691 (WA).

*Maurice L. Warner, M.A. (1987), Antioch University. Assistant Director and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #LH00005519 (WA).   Dr. Warner also holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy.


Rebecca Allen, M.A. (2002), The Wright Institute.  Intern in Professional Psychology. 

John Howell, M.S.S.W., M.A. (2000), University of Texas-Austin, and (2004), Argosy University-Seattle.  Intern in Professional Psychology. 

Devon Singh-Barrett, M.A. (1996), Seattle Pacific University.  Intern in Professional Psychology. 

Randi Torstenson, M.A. (2002), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Intern in Professional Psychology. 


Rain Carei, B.A. (1997), Seattle Pacific University.  Practicum Counselor. 

Nate Reiss, M.A. (2003), Seattle Pacific University.  Practicum Counselor.

Alison Wilhelm, M.S. (2003), University of Washington. Practicum Counselor.

*These individuals are approved providers with the University of Washington Student Health Insurance Plan.  However, since therapist assignments are based primarily on compatibility of client therapeutic needs with therapist expertise and availability, we cannot guarantee that your therapy session will be reimbursable.  Please note that your insurance plan will not reimburse you for all diagnoses.

Please refer to your plan booklet or contact the Counseling Center cashier if you have any further questions.

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