Diversity Science Research Experience


The Diversity Science Research Experience is a 10-week program led by Sapna CheryanStephanie A. FrybergCheryl Kaiser, Cynthia Levine and Kristina Olson. The program prepares students to apply to graduate school and engage in the research process firsthand. Students are paired with a research mentor who will provide research training in Psychology and familiarize students on the methods of academic research. In addition to working with a faculty member, and/or a graduate student, scholars will also attend weekly discussions surrounding professional development and academic advancement. Scholars in the program will have the opportunity to be involved in a research project, conduct collaborative research, and present their findings to faculty and their peers.

Our primary objective is to provide opportunities for students to learn about and engage in the kind of research that happens in psychology research programs. In this way, we aim to increase the odds that our undergraduates will be competitive in applying to graduate school in psychology.

Program Information and Responsibilities

• Conduct research with award-winning faculty

• Participate in hands on research in a University of Washington faculty member’s lab

• Earn a $4,500 stipend to defray living expenses while in the traineeship (e.g., housing costs in Seattle)

• Travel reimbursement for expenses to/from program site available

• Variety of social activities

• Attend networking events with faculty, administrators, and graduate students

• Learn about graduate school

• Meet other students with similar interests.

• Research tasks include research design, study recruitment, stimulus generation, data collection, data entry, coding, and statistical analysis

• Participate in weekly lab meetings, read current literature, and contribute to theoretical discussions

• Attend professional development series focusing on topics such as applying to graduate school

• Meet weekly with a graduate student mentor, and the PI

• Attend bi-monthly social events

• Commit to the 30 hrs/week 10 week program.


• Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

• Be a current undergraduate student who will also be an undergraduate in fall 2019

• Interested in research and the pursuit of a Ph.D

• Have interest in questions around diversity

• Open to students with no research experience to extensive research experience

Important Dates

• Application Deadline: Sunday, February 10, 2019

• Other Event dates: TBD

• June 17, 2019- Aug 23, 2019

Additional Questions

• Please direct your questions to Kayla Lewis at kdlewis3@uw.edu