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Urban Freight Lab members tour King County Metro's electrification pilot site.
Photo by Urban Freight Lab.

The Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center produces and disseminates knowledge and facilitates industry-wide discussions regarding urban goods delivery, sustainability, logistic hubs and ports, and freight system performance management problems

In addition to developing new frameworks and measurement systems, the Center engages in deep collaboration with industrial and public agency partners, empirical tests, and pilots. integrates industry, the public sector, transformative research, and education.

We are the go-to place to tackle problems in urban goods delivery, sustainability, logistic hubs and ports, and freight system performance management — problems that overlap private and public management and control, and that impact the greater community, the environment, and industry.

Working Together to Deliver Real-World Impact

The Center pilots and tests research concepts and designs in our Urban Freight Lab (UFL).

Launched in October 2016, the Urban Freight Lab is a living laboratory comprising retailers, urban truck freight carriers, technology companies supporting transportation and logistics, and multifamily residential and retail/commercial building developers and operators.

This membership-based group works in partnership with cities (Seattle and Bellevue Departments of Transportation) to identify, measure, and test solution methods that will improve the urban freight system. Lab members act to improve the management of both public and private operations of urban goods delivery systems by engaging in strategic applied research and identifying priority problems for future research projects.

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Kelly Rula
Director of Policy and Partnerships, Urban Freight Lab

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Master's Degree in Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics: A Cutting-Edge Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum

Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics class of 2021.

Our interactive online Master's degree in Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics, jointly offered by the University of Washington's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Professional & Continuing Education, prepares working professionals to lead end-to-end management of transportation in global supply chains. It is anchored in engineering, focused on business results, and begins with an in-residency weekend in Seattle (or by remote participation). Our students develop a deeper understanding of transportation and logistics as applied to complex supply chain issues and gain quantitative and analytical skills, and graduate ready to make an impact.

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Kimbo Smith, Graduate Student Adviser

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