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Two New $2 Million Federal Smart Grants Enhance Safety Along Light Rail in the Rainier Valley & Support Deliveries in Seattle

Unloading packages on the sidewalk for delivery in Seattle. Photo by Giacomo Dalla Chiara for Urban Freight Lab.
Seattle Department of Transportation
March 24, 2023

We’ll work closely with our partners at the UW Urban Freight Lab and the Open Mobility Foundation to establish new commercial vehicle permit policies and pilot a digital permit. We aim to reduce congestion, improve access to the curb, and promote more sustainable forms of delivery. 

Al Gore ESG Fund Generation Shows Messiness of Green Investing

Photo illustration by 731; Photo by Bloomberg.
February 20, 2023

Anne Goodchild, a logistics expert at the University of Washington, says the question isn’t just whether ordering from Amazon results in lower emissions than driving to the mall; also important is whether the ease of online shopping gets people to buy more than they would otherwise, and what people do with the time they save and how much greenhouse gas that creates. “We’re not going to solve the climate problem through online shopping,” she says.

Supply Chain Education Kindles New Skills

Inbound Logistics
February 15, 2023

As supply chain complexity increases and business disruptions grow more pronounced, supply chain education programs at the undergraduate and graduate level are responding to bolster the skill sets of upcoming and current supply chain practitioners.

FedEx Preps Revamp of Operations, Networks for Long-Term Savings

A FedEx worker sorts packages being unloaded on a conveyor belt at the FedEx Oakland Airport sort facility on Nov. 30, 2005. FedEx is revamping its operations and networks to reduce billions over the long term. Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images.
Supply Chain Dive
February 15, 2023

“It’s the best possible time for companies to regroup and improve the efficiencies of their operations,” said Amelia Regan, who now directs the University of Washington Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics graduate degree program.

Faculty Spotlight: Anne Goodchild

Anne Goodchild headshot
Anne Goodchild.
Civil & Environmental Engineering
January 26, 2023

Fun fact: Rain or shine, morning or evening, faculty member Anne Goodchild frequently runs the trails of Puget Sound.