Research Project Highlights

Final 50 Feet Research Program

This research is analyzing processes, developing potential solutions, and piloting operational improvements in the final 50 feet of the urban goods delivery system. Goods delivery is a little-noticed activity in urban areas, but essential to making our economy and quality of life possible. For the last 40 years, deliveries have been mostly performed by a private sector shipping industry that operates within... Read more »


The Oregon State Department of Transportation has commissioned the SCTL Center to study the multimodal conflicts and hazards found where pedestrian and bicyclists must cross railroad tracks and roads to continue on a trail next to the railroad tracks.

Logistics Hubs and Ports

North American rail terminals need productivity improvements to handle increasing rail volumes and improve terminal performance.

Freight Systems Performance Management

Truck freight accessibility is a vital factor to growing economies in metropolitan areas. This research project will develop a quantitative measurement system called a "Freight Score" to evaluate the accessibility of various locations in the city for trucks.