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Technical Report

Route Machine: UW Medicine Department of Medicine Courier Services

Date of Publication: 2019

Authored by: Chelsea Greene, Anne Goodchild

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Greene, Chelsea and Anne Goodchild (2019). Route Machine: UW Medicine Department of Medicine Courier Services.


The goal of this report is to survey the current state of practice of UW Medicine Department of Laboratory Medicine Courier Services in order to evaluate potential software(s) that can be implemented to fill information gaps needed to effectively and efficiently make informed decisions. The report describes the high-level goals and decision scope of the route machine, observations of the current state, evaluation criteria and ‘route machine’ options.

The information in this report can be used to inform:

(1) What data insights (indicators) might be helpful for strategizing courier routing decisions and communicating information to leadership
(2) Potential improvement strategies and what they might look like in implementation
(3) Suitability of various data collection, visualization, and analytical tools, and off-the-shelf packages

This information provides the UW Department of Laboratory Medicine Courier Services the information needed to select tools(s), and general data insights the ‘route machine’ for implementation.

The rest of this document is organized as follows:
1. Objectives and decision scope of the ‘route machine’
2. Observations of the current routes
3. A list of key-performance indicators
4. Potential strategies for improving routes
5. Recommendations
6. Screenshots of Dashboard Prototypes and WorkWaze.

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Logistics and Supply Chains, Community Research