Research Projects

Current Research

Disease Analysis in San Juan Archipelago
Funded by WWW Foundation

Water Quality Monitoring in the San Juan Archipelago
Logistical support provided by the National Park Service

Study of algicidal bacteria and the potential consequence for presence of HABs in Northern Puget Sound
Funded by Northwest Indian College

Study of marine pathogen Labyrinthula

Recent Research: 2008 to 2013

Future of Pacific Northwest Seagrasses in a Changing Climate Workshop
Funded by USGS, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, EPA and Washington Sea Grant

Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity Study
Funded by National Science Foundation

Ovule Development Study
Funded by Private Donations

Mapping Benthic Habitats in San Juan Historical Parks
Funded by the National Parks Service

Zostera japonica Workshop
Funded by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and Washington Sea Grant