Community Training Resources

PPC trainees are required to extend their training experiences to several sites in the community. These sites serve a variety of populations and use different systems of care.

  • The Odessa Brown Children's Clinic serves predominantly African-American urban families on Medicaid.
  • The Toppenish Farm Worker's Clinic serves hispanic and Native American populations. In 1994-95, PPC faculty and trainees developed an outreach system to improve the access to care of twenty-four severe asthmatic children at this site.
  • The Migrant Farm Worker's Clinic in Washington serves hispanic children with chronic lung disease and their families.
  • The clinics in Anchorage and Bethel, Alaska serve Native American children.
  • The WWAMI clinics serve rural populations of children in the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.
  • The Telemedicine Clinic provides health care to isolated communities that lack specialty care.

Additional community experience sites for trainees include:

  • Public health nurse and dietitian in Public Health Department
  • Community health clinics
  • School-based clinics and programs
  • Early childhood intervention programs
  • King County Asthma Farm