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Janice A. Sabin, Ph.D., MSW

Research Assistant Professor
University of Washington
Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics

School of Medicine
Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics
Center for Clinical Epidemiological Research
Box 359780
1730 Minor Avenue, Suite 1760
Seattle, WA 98101



janice sabin


Dr. Sabin is acting assistant professor in the University of Washington, School of Medicine, Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics. She is a researcher at the Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research, University of Washington, which focuses on health disparities health services research. Dr. Sabin‘s research interests include health and health care disparities, social determinants of health, health care delivery to vulnerable populations, patient-centered communication skills, discrimination in health care and diversity of the health workforce. Intervention research interests focus on quality of health care, health care disparities curriculum development and evaluation, and developing and evaluating culturally tailored health communication materials.

Dr. Sabin is currently Principal Investigator on a pilot study, Investigating Physician Implicit and Explicit Attitudes and Stereotypes and the Delivery of Health Care to American Indian Children. This research is part of a large NIH Center grant, Establishing Comprehensive NCMHD Research Centers of Excellence (PIs, Manson and Buchwald) Dr. Sabin is currently a consultant on a NIH funded grant, Disparities, Culture & Health Phase II: An e-learning course on healthcare disparities for physicians and physicians in training. The goal of this work is to develop and evaluate a healthcare disparities core curriculum module for the medical profession. Dr. Sabin recently collaborated with Dr. Lisa Cooper and others at Johns Hopkins University on a study of health care providers, to examine provider implicit and explicit attitudes and stereotypes and their relation to patient-provider communication in real world clinical settings.

Dr. Sabin has clinical medical social work experience in direct delivery of culturally appropriate services to minority populations


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Manuscripts In Progress:

Cooper, L. A., Roter, D., Beach, M., Sabin, J. A., Greenwald, A. G., Paez, K., Inui, T.S., (In Progress) Is implicit racial bias among physicians associated with patient-physician communication behaviors and patient experiences of care?

Takeuchi, D. T., Hong, S., Walton, E., Sabin, J. A., Tamaki, E. (In Progress) Lifetime Prevalence of DSM_IV Disorders among Asian Americans in the National Latino and Asian American Study

Young-Mielcarek , B., Spigner, C., Galvin, G., Sabin, J.A., Davis, C. Buchwald, D. (I)ncreasing (K)idney (D)isease (A)wareness (N)etwork Transplant Project: Possible Deficits in Kidney Disease Education? (In Progress)

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