Welcome to the Seeb Laboratory. Studies of Ecological Genomics aim to better understand the relationship between organisms and their environments through study of the structure and function of genomes. We are shaping our program to integrate modern genomics approaches to study ecological structure based on dense meiotic maps and to study mechanisms of adaptation in the presence of environmental stressors.

Masthead photos: DNA strand, US Dep. Energy; salmon, T. Quinn.

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Calm day on Lake Nerka, Alaska, center to many of our studies

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Molly McGlauflin collects otoliths from salmon in Hansen Creek, Alaska, to match genotype data with age at maturity

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Meredith Everett and Mike Miller construct Chinook salmon families for mapping RAD tags

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Marissa Jones confirms motility of irradiated sperm used for haploid matings

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Wes Larson phenotypes sockeye salmon for his MHC study

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Jeff Seeb captures a male sockeye salmon used to sire a family for meiotic mapping (Photo: T. Quinn)

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Another calm day in the Gulf of Alaska for collecting DNA samples

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Collaborators on the R/V Oshoro maru collect DNA from migrating sockeye salmon

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Phenotyping and DNA sampling for studies of juvenile migration