SEFS Seminar Series: Week 5 Preview

Have you ever wondered if it pays to be a good environmental steward or socially responsible?

From a corporate perspective, does financial performance (profitability) increase when a company increases its environmental performance? Said another way, are profits and environmental stewardship positively correlated, siblings that get along well? Or do profits decrease—profits and environmental stewardship are negatively correlated, siblings that fight with one another? Or are profitability and environmental stewardship independent of one another—not correlated, or strangers?

And what about corporate social responsibility? Is financial performance positively, negatively or not correlated with increases in social responsibility performance?


Join Professor Dorothy Paun this Wednesday, February 6, as she presents on her triple bottom line sustainability research in Week 5 of the SEFS Seminar Series: “Environmental Stewardship, Social Equity and Corporate Profitability: Siblings or Strangers?”

Professor Paun’s presentation will provide insights about these relationships and explore the potential benefits of a triple bottom line sustainability approach—one that strives to integrate, perhaps even balance, financial, environmental and social responsibility roles, practices and commitments.

Also joining the discussion will be Robb Schmitt, currently a SEFS M.S. and Foster Business School M.B.A. student, who will talk for 10 minutes about his experiences with the team of students who help collect data in SEFS 519 (spring quarter on Tuesday and Thursday evenings).

The seminars, held in Anderson 223 on Wednesdays from 4 to 5 p.m., are open to all faculty, staff and students. Check out the rest of the seminar schedule for the Winter Quarter, and join us each week for a reception in the Forest Room from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Slide Image © Dorothy Paun.

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