Thesis Defense: Katrina Mendrey!

Katrina Mendrey

Mendrey canoeing on Lake Sawyer with her dog Jude.

That dullness you’re experiencing—that listless and rudderless feeling at the start of Summer Quarter—has an easy diagnosis: thesis withdrawal.

Lucky for you there’s an easy remedy coming up at 10 a.m. this Monday, July 1, when Katrina Mendrey will be defending her Master’s Thesis in Anderson 22!

“Metal Response of Douglas-fir: A Comparison of Metal Uptake and Phytochelatin Production in Trees Planted in Soil Amended with Biosolids or Metal Salts”

Mendrey’s research explores the relationship between metal uptake in needles of Douglas-fir trees and phytochelatin production to determine if phytochelatin measures are an accurate indicator of metal stress in forest ecosystems. In addition, metal response in trees planted with similar concentrations of metals in the form of biosolids or metal salts are also compared.

If you’re around campus, join us in Anderson 22 at 10 a.m.!

Photo © Katrina Mendrey.

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