Field Notes From the Olympics

Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan holding a Cascades frog (photo by Ashley Ahearn)

Maureen Ryan, a post-doc in Professor Josh Lawler’s lab, recently took a journalist out backpacking in the Olympics to visit her field sites. Ashley Ahearn, who is based in Seattle with KUOW Public Radio, was working on a story for EarthFix about Ryan’s research into what will happen to wetland habitats in the Pacific Northwest as the climate changes.

The EarthFix “field notes” story, which ran on Friday, July 19, includes a bunch of cool photos and videos of mountain goats and Cascades frogs in the Seven Lakes Basin area (plus, Ahearn is producing a longer radio segment, set to air this coming Monday). Great stuff!

SEFS collaborators with Ryan in the Wetlands Adaptation Group include Se-Yeun Lee, another researcher in Lawler’s lab, and graduate student Meghan Halabisky. Ryan’s field crew also includes Noll Steinweg, Mara Healy, Rae Parks and Reed McIntyre, and the group’s research area covers three national Parks—Olympic, Mount Rainier and North Cascades.

Photo of Maureen Ryan © Ashley Ahearn/EarthFix

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