Undergrad Writing Internship!

Are you itching to interview your classmates and professors, and eager to write about exciting research projects and events here at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS)? Do you love the challenge of exploring and translating complex scientific issues for a general audience, and helping spread the word about all of the incredible work going here with students, staff and faculty? Most importantly, are you keen to sharpen your composition skills and become a better communicator in your personal and professional writing?

We sure hope so, because this fall we’re looking for one (or possibly two) undergraduate writing interns to help our office cover and promote the SEFS community!  

This internship offers quite a bit of flexibility—in terms of hours, workload, issues covered and course credit earned—but there’s one central theme: There will be nothing hands-off about the projects you’ll tackle. You’ll dive right in with pitching, researching, writing and editing several stories, and also have the opportunity to photograph events and activities. Revision and fact-checking will be fundamental aspects of your work, and you’ll earn bylines for everything you produce.

If that strikes you as a fun side project this quarter, then check out the full advertisement below. And if you think you might be interested, please email Karl Wirsing, director of communications for SEFS, to explain your interest—and, if possible, please include one writing sample. 

ESRM/BSE 399: Undergraduate Writing Intern: Autumn 2013

* Research and write stories for the “Offshoots” blog and other SEFS publications/media, with potential stories ranging from short news items to longer features, and covering student and faculty profiles, research highlights, seminars, reports from the field, breaking news, etc.;
* Cover SEFS events on campus, such as poster sessions or other student activities, for the blog (including taking photos);
* Provide images and content for SEFS social media, including blogs, Facebook, Flickr and other platforms ;

Desired Qualifications:
* Strong interest in writing and editing, and a desire for more experience in covering scientific topics for a general audience;
* Willingness to edit and be edited;
* Available at least three hours per week;

The purpose of this internship is to gain experience with science writing and help promote the SEFS community. You will report to the Director of Communications, and your hours can be extremely flexible to suit your schedule. The goal is to produce three or more blog posts during the quarter, with special attention on writing and revision, as well as pitching ideas, research, interviewing, editing and fact checking. Upon completion of the internship, you will be required to submit a written report on your experiences and accomplishments.

Course credit is available, and registration for ESRM/BSE 399 requires a faculty code (contact Michelle Trudeau to inquire). This internship is restricted to ESRM and BSE minors and majors, and can also be tailored to satisfy up to 5 credits toward your writing requirement.

Faculty Advisor: SEFS Director Tom DeLuca,

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