An October Hike with Tom Hinckley!

If those first whiffs of fall have been intoxicating to you, then make sure to sign up for a full-on autumn immersion this October when Professor Emeritus Tom Hinckley leads one of his famous alumni hikes into the Methow Valley!

Methow Valley

What awaits you in the Methow Valley this October!

On Saturday, October 5, and Sunday, October 6, Hinckley is planning to gather up to 20 folks for two days of trekking. Depending on the weather, interest and ability levels, he’ll select from a range of hikes focused on Rainy and Washington passes, Cutthroat Lake and Pass, Hart’s Pass, Goat Peak and a few other options, with the goal of finding reasonable weather and subalpine larch.

For those responding early, Hinckley is offering space for about eight hikers at a house very near the Mazama Country Inn . There are two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, plus a loft with a fold-down bed and several thick sleeping pads (enough space, he found this past May, to fit eight students). The house has a large balcony and porch, and full food services and showers will be available.

You don’t have to stay there to join the fun, and faculty, staff and students are also welcome to take part. So if you’re interested in joining the hike or would like more information, contact Hinckley at or call 206.525.1396.

Photo © Tom Hinckley.

One thought on “An October Hike with Tom Hinckley!

  1. Hi Tom!!
    I couldn’t resist dropping you a note when I received this email. I think you know that, since I last saw you, my husband and I have left Seattle and have been roaming around the Southwest in our motorhome. We just came home for six weeks, returned to Santa Fe two days ago, and I received a call from my old boss asking me to come back and work for two months on a big contract job. We will be appraising about nine parcels of land in and near Ebey’s Landing National HIstorical Preserve for possible ownership exchanges with the National Park Service. Since our savings could use a little boost, I agreed to assist on this project, and will be flying back to Seattle next Tuesday (October 1st). Your planned adventure for the following weekend sounds absolutely wonderful and I would be tempted to sign up since I’ll be in the area but I had surgery on my right shoulder (to reattach my biceps tendon and clean up a labrum tear) on August 21st and am not supposed to pick up anything heavier than a coffee cup with my right arm until Thanksgiving :-((. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I’m so glad you’re still doing things with the college and hope to get in on one of your future outdoor adventures!! Maybe I could even talk Gretchen or Vicki into coming with me?!? Best wishes to you, my very favorite professor!!! Yvonne Alexander-Smith Class of ’83

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