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Offshoots is a blog of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences community. The school is a unit within the College of the Environment at the University of Washington.

For comments, story ideas, corrections or any other inquiries, please contact:

Karl Wirsing
Director of Communications
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
107B Anderson Hall, Box 352100
Seattle, WA 98195-2100
p: 206.543.9505
f: 206.685.0970

6 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Oliver Jan on said:


    Thank you very much for publishing the Xi Sigma Pi award results. I found one small typo however; my name is spelled Oliver Yan when it should be Jan. If you could fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you again,


    • SEFS Communications Director on said:

      No problem, Oliver, we’ve updated the post with the correct spelling. Our apologies for the typo, and congratulations again!

  2. Chris Copacino on said:

    I was unable to attend the Michael Green talk last night, but heard it was filmed. Is this going to be posted somewhere or on air on UWTV? Would love to see his talk, so please confirm if/when the video will be available for public viewing. Thank you.

    • SEFS Communications Director on said:

      hi Chris,

      Yes, the event was filmed, and we expect to have the final production within the next week to 10 days. We’ll then make it widely available! Feel free to follow up with me, Karl Wirsing, at in case you can’t find a link by then.

      Thanks for your interest!


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