“Tree of the Week” Sprouts Again!

In case you haven’t noticed—and that includes yours truly, who had to eat his words after making a snide remark about how no one was updating the display—the “Tree of the Week” spotlight in Anderson Hall is back in business!

Tree of the Week

Shannon Armitage and the refreshed “Tree of the Week” display.

For nearly two months now, SEFS graduate student Shannon Armitage has been cycling in a different tree species to feature each Monday. The display, in the glass case alongside the C. Frank Brockman Memorial to the left of the main entrance, features photos by Brockman, a map of the tree’s range, and then a short description of the habitat and other facts about the tree. There’s a second display, as well, outside by the bus stop just west of Anderson Hall.

Inside Anderson, this week’s featured tree is the Giant Chinkapin (Castanopsis chrysophylla), which is most common in northern California but also native to parts of Oregon and Washington. Outside by the bus stop, you’ll find Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana). Stop by and check them out the next time you’re around Anderson Hall, and make sure to thank Armitage—whom you’ll often find helping out at the front desk in AND 107—for reviving this SEFS tradition!

Photo © Karl Wirsing/SEFS.