Thesis Defense: Mahsa Khorasani!

Masha KhorasaniThis Friday, May 24, at 11:30 a.m. in Anderson 22, Mahsa Khorasani will be defending her Master’s Thesis: “Cylindrocarpon species in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir Nurseries: Phylogeny and Effects of Temperature and Fungicides on Mycelial Growth.”

Douglas-fir nurseries play an important economic role in the Pacific Northwest timber industry. However, there are various types of fungi that cause the early death of seedlings and influence regeneration success. One of the destructive fungus root rot pathogens, Cylindrocarpon, causes the loss of seedlings in early stages of their growth.  The objectives of this study were to: (1) identify the species of Cylindrocarpon occurring in three different nurseries in the Pacific Northwest, (2) investigate the effect of temperature on the growth rate of the mycelia of these fungus pathogens in vitro, and (3) determine the influence of some major fungicides on the control these pathogens.

Khorasani’s results have implications for nursery pathology in the identification and control of seedling root rot of Douglas-fir, so come out and learn what she discovered!

Her committee chair is Professor Emeritus Bob Edmonds, and other committee members include Professor Sharon Doty, along with Joseph Ammirati, Willis Littke and Rusty Rodriguez.